To boost your feed and your outfits, here are 4 people to follow on Instagram, the best sources of inspiration in your style.
Guys, today we decided to take care of your Instagram feed by boosting it a bit (a lot). The five Instagram accounts that will be presented just after are the quintessence of what is done in terms of style. Yes we use big words, but they are completely up to the task.

1. samy portejoie


One begins in the greatest simplicity with Samy portejoie. Simplicity because it is precisely one of the adjectives that one could use to qualify his style, among others as “minimalist” or “purified”. With Samy, one is never in the excess, one plays on the forms, the cuts and the simplest colors for an incontestable efficiency. Less is more.

2. codoli pranne


About today 😏

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When you look at Codoli pranne’s style, you really feel like you can wear it all. His strength is probably to be able to play with all possible colors in a harmonious way. Whether orange, green, beige or even black, Codoli pranne will always bring out the best of an outfit, and that’s why we love it.

3. simon ndjock


I want more snow in Paris

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For us, Simon is an avant-garde. What is meant by this is that if you want to discover marks that only connoisseurs know (yes yes), it is he that you must follow. On top of that, it can styling the pieces of these brands with disconcerting ease, perfect for inspiration.

4. alkarus


“Not from Paris Madame”, this sentence surely tells you something and if not, it is the slogan of the mark Funny of Monsieur of which Dany Santos aka Alkarus is the co-creator. His style oscillates between looks and looks more simple and casual with most of the parts of his brand. Besides, it was he who inspired us.