13 Reasons Why Netflix is ​​not the kind to leave you indifferent. Tackling real social issues, the series is about to become a real phenomenon, why should we not miss it?

13 reasons why, this is the new pop-culture series, which came in March on Netflix, and which has provoked a real tidal wave since its release on March 31st. Adapted from Jay Asher’s best-sellers, she follows the life of Clay, a suburban high school student who finds a box with his name written on it, right in front of him. The latter has 13 audio tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, her friend who committed suicide 15 days earlier … and contains the 13 reasons why the young woman ended her life. At first glance, everything suggests that it is a series for pre-teens and teenagers, and that the subject concerns them more than anyone. Inaccurately in view of the topics discussed that affect a wider audience in trying to explain the inexplicable. Why does it have to binge-watcher 13 Reasons Why?

1. Harassment at school

School harassment is “old as the world” according to a famous expression, and has never been as topical as today. With the arrival of social networks, it has moved to another level, much more virulent and spreading very quickly. Rumors, compromising photos, comments on social networks, everything is a pretext to “destroy” the other without necessarily realizing it, behind his smarphone or his PC.The series plunges us into the heart of the matter after a few minutes and demonstrates by a + b that certain added actions can be fatal …

2. The topic of suicide among young people

The subject of suicide among young people often returns to the forefront with isolated cases in France, such as that of Marion, adapted in film in Marion, 13 years forever. Following these events from a distance, the viewer does not always pay his attention and this is what the series wants to challenge us. From day to day, we see Hannah Baker, we hear what she hears, we see what she lives, which makes the situation very realistic, and a bit disturbing.

3. The analysis of adolescence

13 reasons why is a dive into the universe of adolescence, with its successes and difficulties, peculiar to an age where one seeks oneself more than ever. The search for one’s sexuality, the relationship one can have with others and the desire to be integrated at any price in a group, all of which shape the young adults of tomorrow and which can jeopardize confidence In itself, to the social pressure exerted in the microsome of a high school.

4. A topic that affects everyone (not just teens)

One might think that the series is made especially for teens, the most affected by these subjects, but it would be a mistake to believe that from a “certain age”, it is no longer useful to see them Or understand them. How do teens work today? Why have social networks become the number one enemy in the playground? So many questions need to be asked in order to understand the phenomenon that can affect anyone, anywhere, and can have disastrous consequences.