Since the trend is definitely lingerie, we abandon our top nightie and put everything on the corset. And obviously, we wear it on our clothes, not below (but that, you knew).

At this moment, it is difficult to pass in front of a window without seeing a corset. This instrument of torture which once prevented women from breathing properly was suppressed but today it is making its comeback – we are reassured: we are entitled to the simplified version and in addition, we can expire without having Afraid of exploding the seams. In short, this spring will be bodied or will not. And if there are some in the audience who still do not know how to wear it, here are some ideas.

On a combi

With a white shirt

With a loose sweater

With a Grunge T-Shirt

With a suit

With black

With a jacket (tweed, preferably)

With navy blue

Mixing print