All people around the world like emoji, according to a study for the use of Alaamuja around the world.

Researchers analyzed 427 million messages from nearly 4 million smartphone users in 212 countries and regions to see if emoji use was universal or differed based on user location and culture.

People worldwide love 😂, except the French, who prefer ❤️, according to a new study of global emoji usage.

They used a popular input method app Kika Emoji Keyboard made available in 60 languages. The team’s results are believed to be the first large-scale analysis of emoji usage.


Researchers have begun to explore the preferences of every culture on the unit in useEmoji, for example, countries with high levels of the individual, such as Australia, France and the Czech Republic used the happy emoji is very large.

The countries in which the strong and solid relationships between individuals, such as Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia are used emoji express sadness, anger and negative emotions more.

Also found that the people in communities focused on the future values, such as the French and Hungarians and Ukrainians have a tendency to use less Emoji sad compared to the countries and communities in which weaken the distant future, such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru values.

Where you can develop input methods mentioned above, to make emoji favorite in each country heads the list of every user in that country, as indicated by the research.