With multiple sites and applications dating indefinitely and non-countable, there is no longer a new Despite the great service they provide an opportunity for people to direct long after registration. Therefore, he had the American Brendan Albert create and launch the application Hater ‘hates’ the first of its kind to link relations with the haters frequent negative remarks who do not like something and suffer from a phobia toward the button ‘liked’ on Facebook or other sites and applications of social networking.

The idea for Hater started as one of those sketches. Wouldn’t it be funny, he thought, if there was a dating app for bonding over things you don’t like?

“I did the research on it and found a study saying that actually, there’s some science behind this: People bond over the things they hate more strongly than over the things they love,” Alper said. “I just thought, ‘Man, this idea is really going to resonate with people.”

The app is only about a month old, but it’s amassed more than 30,000 daily active users, about 310,000 total users in the US and abroad it’s the top lifestyle app in Germany right now, the company says and has produced close to 200,000 matches so far.

The app is iPhone only right now, but an Android version is coming out this spring. Hater is also working on a login that doesn’t require users to have a Facebook account, a common gripe in the app’s reviews.

Hater is now based out of Alper’s New York City apartment with five full-time employees and a handful of part-timers. While he says he’s “definitely broke,” Hater is starting to gain ground and the company is in the process of raising a round of seed funding.