SURPRISE! You were waiting for her, she is there! We have the first song of Harry Styles and it makes us everything

Selena Gomez SPOTTED with VERY SHORT HAIR in Los Angeles, it’s goals! Let it be said, Harry Styles & Selly share plein of common points, including music (and short hair). The facts are straightforward: 2017 will be THEIR YEAR. Selena Gomez is ready to return in songs and Hazza Bear is ready to unveil her first solo album without One Direction. The proof, we FINALLY its first song! According to Irving Azoff (aka guru in the music industry and father of Jeff Azoff), one of Harry’s first songs is called … Drum rolls … “Good Girl”! Yes, we also think of the 5 Seconds Of Summer! In any case, it is not because it is a star that it succeeds everywhere;) Harry Styles in mode FRENCH KISS, it takes the rake of the century by an actress! Ouch! So, eager to discover “Good Girl”?


  • Meanwhile┬á“Good Girl”…