Haylor fans can stop breathing RIGHT NOW because Hazza has never talked as much about their relationship as here
Beware of the eyes, Harry Styles went into After mode and swung everything on his sex life for his interview Rolling Stone! And beside these revelations laid there without pressure, he pulled out an enormous pavement over his relationship with Taylor Swift. True story: “When I see the photos of Central Park, I tell myself that relationships are tough, especially at 18 when you do not always understand everything and you have to add all that extra. You’ve come to meet someone you really love, it should be simple, is not it, I learned a lot from this experience, but I just wanted it to be A normal appointment “.

“I do not know if” Out of the Woods “and” Style “are about me or not, but she is so talented, they are everywhere! Luck if everything we’ve been through has helped to create these songs, which is what strikes your heart, that’s the hardest thing to say, and those are the things I’m talking about the least. I’m never going to tell anyone, she does not need me to tell her that her songs are great, they’re great songs … The most incredible non-verbal dialogue of all time. ”

What would Hazza want to tell him today? : “Some things do not work, there are a lot of things that can be fair, and it’s always wrong.” By writing songs about things like that, I like to think about what we lived together. You celebrate the fact that it was powerful and that it made you feel something, rather than “it did not work, and it’s bad.” And if you meet that person, Is embarrassing, maybe you have to be drunk … But you shared something, meeting someone new, sharing these experiences is the best thing, so thank you. ” Wow, there are no other words. And it’s not over. Kendall Jenner would also be a real inspiration for Harry Styles and his solo album, he unpacked while interviewing Rolling Stone! Do you prefer Haylor or Hendall?