First of all, if you do not even have a clue about this series, you’ve been in a coma for more than two years, so we’ll give you a little idea of the series.

The story revolves around Elliott, who has extraordinary abilities in piracy and the world of technology, but has problems communicating with people and suffers from psychological disorders, which leads him to take drugs and live apart from everyone. Elliott joins a secret organization and tries to free the world from organizations that control him in disguise!

If you watched or watched the series, you must have lived the following things:

1. Black has become your favorite color

2. Frustrate your friends by repeating you to f * ck society

3. Became skeptical about everything

4. I decided to learn hacking techniques but you still have difficulties using Microsoft office excel

5. Go out to the street undercover, cover your head became necessary

6. You always think you are an observer

7. Wait for the third season on warmer than the embers