At this time of the year, people start arranging and preparing for their wedding parties, where the list of guests and the wedding hall that will receive the wedding and all the necessary to pass the occasion in the best case.

If you used to go with your friends to the wedding parties before, know that the role has come to your friends and you will be invited only and will change your life completely.

1. The number of “food” you will eat during the summer

2. Delay your holidays to attend weddings

3. You hear the phrase “your trun now” everywhere and anytime

4. Feel bored during the weekend because everyone is busy with his partner

5. Connect hundreds of times to your friends to find out who is coming out with you

6. Feel that you are older and start thinking about marriage

7. Begin to end friendships in order to avoid buying many gifts

8. Your friends present you at weddings to their relatives so that they do not stay alone





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