Bye bye wavy: the ripples of the beautiful season will be corkscrew. All at your curling irons!

After years in power, would the wavy hair have abdicated? Competed by a capillary tendency even more voluminous and audacious, the hair of beach that one tries to recreate perfectly season after season seems to have left its place with straight curls coming from the eighties: the corkscrew buckles. Ultra fine and bouncy as their name suggests, the famous loops are no longer the preserve of girls with naturally curly hair, since beauty addicts with smooth hair have also monopolized the wild look. Made with a chopstick styler, this loop end fastener like a wand, the corkscrew waves have already been adopted by it-girls such as Gigi and Bella Hadid, as well as the Zoella Youtubeuse. We take bets that after seeing these 10 inspired curly hair, you will not want wavy ripples this summer!

Unicorn loops

The decoated loops

The attached loops

Natural Curls – With the Boost of an Iron

With a good dose of texturing product and especially patience – yes, it can be long! – the voluminous and wild effect of the corkscrew mane will be guaranteed!