Beautiful days come back and if you want to get into sports, here are some essentials!

Looking for the motivation to get back to the sport? Maybe we can help you! Because of all this, choose your outfit and sneakers, we always want to get started. Obviously, it’s not just legging: you have to think about the gourd, the sneakers and – for the most connected – to the cardio watch. Look no further, all the essentials are there:

The clothe

It’s often said that you do not have to be pretty to run and it’s probably true: when you come back red and breathless, you do not really want to cross the look-alike Ryan Gosling on the way home. BUT, by wearing a nice outfit, you will be motivated to go – and god knows that it takes, motivation.


Having good sneakers is important. This is why you should not choose them according to their design but depending on the frequency of your workouts. If you run every day, you will not take a pair suitable for one session per week. CQFD.

The gourd

Because hydration is the key! The advantage is that you will go down your liter and a half recommended faster.

The connected watch

Because it is always fun and motivating to compete with oneself (and to measure progress).


Nobody wants to hear you sing at the top of your lungs. On the other hand, running in music is much more fun.

The cuff (and other accessories)

The gloves to keep the ends warm, the cuff for now the phone … do not forget the right accessories!

With all this, normally you will be dressed. But beware ! Do not go straight into a marathon – you do not want to break up or walk like an 80-year-old woman two days later. Then we go gradually, we warm up, we hydrate and, obviously, we stretch after the session.