Is there a triangle in love in Game of Thrones? This is what seems to announce one of the actors of the series. Warning, spoilers!

In Game of Thrones, everything is not all about blood and war. Though … so, a little. But that’s not why there’s no love in the air. As Season 7 prepares to air (courage, we know what it’s like to wait), actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who plays Jaime) confided in his relationship with Cersei and Brienne. If you follow the series closely, then you know that many fans already see Jaime kill his sister to save Brienne. Because Game of Thrones is made up of suspicions and theories, we might have believed it. Except that the actor sees things differently: “It is a beautiful theory!”, He said nevertheless confided. Effectively. But still ?

“At first, it was built on a mutual contempt, and then it became a real mutual respect, and we can say that there is even love between them, even if they Would never use that word … “, he says, referring to the relationship between Brienne and Jaime. “I think they have very strong feelings for each other, but from there they go on to the next stage … I do not think they will! Jaime, everything revolves around Cersei “. That, we can not say the opposite … that the theory is realized or not, we will find the season 7 awaited this summer. And we can not wait.