The film was released in January 20, 2017 under the category of horror and psychological thriller, starring James McAvoy  and Anya Taylor, Joe and Betty Buckley, the film, directed by m. Night Shyamalan known psychological horror films such as The six sense and The happening and The visit, a film writer as well.

When you see the declaration of the film for the first time you’ll notice one thing glimpses of James McAvoy creativity  in the portrayal of this extraordinary character, and perhaps will expect a lot from this story and this wonderful incarnations .. Well it was not that bad, but did not meet these expectations!

Promising Story

The film revolves events for a man suffering from schizophrenia or identity disorder as is customary schizophrenia; the existence of 23 different character, at least inside his mind, including a woman and a child at the age of nine, which resulted in his role, “James McAvoy,” as well.

This person abducting three girls and holding them in place for what purpose, and trace the events of the story from here between their attempts to escape and learn more about this person’s multiple personalities, and suspicious, in fact and the reason for his abduction of girls.

On a line parallel to see his physician Dr. psychological. Fletcher, which led her role, “Betty Buckley”, which is trying to understand the recent antics of a patient, and believe that schizophrenia patients with supernatural powers.

Performance saved what can be saved

Maybe it was the performance is the most important feature of the film, we have reduced the outstanding performances of some of the characters – and very good for the other characters – from the disaster could have occurred.
Embodiment McAvoy for the role of the schizophrenic patient more wonderful, great performance makes you completely relaxed and you’re watching, the transition between the characters in the same scene is unbalanced and expressions during this transition and persuade each character as if glimpsed what came before in less than a second, the performance of a genius and a wonderful and makes you looking forward to his appearance always throughout movie to see all this madness.

And the performance of real-time Taylor was also excellent, and succeeded in reversing all the complexities of her character and her emotions occasion well, Buckley’s performance was very good and try to lure the patient and understand what to hide, the rest of the figures there is not what distinguishes but it was good.

Directed and filmed modest

It was not directing or imaging distinctive to a large extent, and perhaps did not give me too much tension and the desired movie horror myself.

No distinct angles and footage unusual, except near the camera from the faces of the characters in many scenes; to reflect the emotions and to create the necessary psychological thrills and special features McAvoy.

The plot is weak

We get the worst things in the film at all, the plot … was weak to possibly predicted what will happen after detecting some points and did not have the desired effect and perhaps out of the logical framework a little bit because it is without warning convincing, were introductions mode but inadequate were not reviewed adequately.

The dialogue was weak .. flopped to some extent, some of the sentences read it quickly without understanding its significance will feel as if they put so you can feel some personal aspects of imbalance, but they did not only succeed in making you lose the link scene.


Finally .. finally it did not really featured, where they were placed introductions throughout the film to convince you eventually, but forgetting other more important introductions did not touch her, but in a short scene and is never enough.

In total, a good movie, interact with McAvoy’s performance to a large extent and probably will remain stuck in your memory for a while, and generally enjoy the film, but will not reach the expected degree of horror, thriller, it can be considered only myself.