Film Deepwater Horizon among the movies that I liked it as soon see them work free of red tape, but full of detail, and human emotions that the best course is always watching for a work of art.

All of us pause when we see a ship crumble, and its leader is the only one who could not save her, but circumstances come up sometimes our energy, loves the ship, and more of our hopes is that we do not differentiate like us, but I wish wishful demands.


Is not the ability to use tools are successful filmmaker factors, but also the ability to manipulate those tools and put them to communicate meanings, without an interview, only illumination, or profiles, or attitude, look and the succession of the factors that can be exploited by the director, to feel the sights condition psychological reaching sense, cinema It is a language and not speak image.

Deepwater Horizon in the filmmaker was able to represent us in a greedy look, and refraction in the position, and the collapse in the eye does not see, is already collecting all those feelings, and delivers it to the viewer without an interview, so it deserved to be the work get me out of a good business.

Of scenes that I will have to speak about the details, to show how versatile director in exploiting the tools and not use it, while the captain is responsible for the extraction of oil for the injury at the same base bid, exploited by the director in that al-Qaida Close to it without the eyes, an eye is the captain, and while obscured his vision, you inevitably doomed, that the exploitation of the tools that I am talking about.


The film RPR smooth rhythm, and despite the drama, but the feeling bored far cry about it, probably because of several technical factors at work story, and perhaps the rapid pace of the work is due to more than one factor are:

Feelings .. work is full of emotions ranging from exploitation imposed by capitalism in order to save money, and dozens drowned, passing through the face of death, and the conflict that did not pay for it but to ordinary workers.

The blast .. scenes creative work in the moment of the explosion, which involved a naval base responsible for oil exploration, is of the most spectacular scenes graphically, and directing, and in terms of visual tricks, and have already made film nominated in the list of the Oscar for best visual tricks.

Photography .. Complementing considered work enjoyable for 2016, in my view, enters the imaging part of the elements that supported certainly on the movie out in the best picture, director of photography was benchmarks in the film, was able to distract the routine, and the usual pictorial, took advantage of filming locations, and took advantage of numbers and groups, was able to take advantage of its tools optimally.

The script and story

Work story adapted from a true story about an investment company sacrificed the workers in order to save money, screenwriter she saw a story that deserves to be embodied in a work of art, to be entitled exploitation, and capitalism are the hero that claimed the lives for money.

The idea for the abstract work of screenwriter able to win them, and that the extent of greed enjoyed by the owners of the money appears.

Were not the only messages broadcast by screenwriter at work, but to make some life messages that are inspiring, most notably “No to the greed, the commander is the light, cooperation creates success, between genius and stupidity single term called the rush, the gains seem far away and safe is better than risk quick gains and fatal, “and many of the inspiring messages given by the screenwriter.


What little the feel of watching a montage of work that deserved the title role, but in the movie Deepwater, it was a montage of the film show a well-factors, and it appeared to the large number of details inside work.

In the end: I consider the work of the few films that combine fun and provide a good idea, which managed to combine scenes favored by the public between the Action, “and the dramatic side.