Utopia has been the dream of philosophers who are fed up of that environment in which he found it without a alternatives, or other options that allows them to be what they wanted.

Well, let’s here suppose metaphorically we have acquired a those golden opportunity to make this dream come true that we hold ourselves and our dreams and go away prey on the ground, but antiques sky eat what we grow and we wear what we make, praising the glory and the private world where the laws of self-free and apply, building away from the entanglement this world dominance.

Golden opportunity, dear reader, lies at the heart of our film night, which allows you to live that dream until its limit.

If you own this eternal dream of the film “Captain Fantastic” making you where you specifically provides a unique story has its own deep-outlook, and attitude of this world.

the story of the movie

In the heart of one of the Pacific Northwest forests live Abba honest firm faithful devotee in the upbringing of his six children, keeps them in isolation from the outside world, imposing on them a strict system of self-education and physical capacity and diet.

If children continue to trade so much discipline, and seriously in order to qualify them to be unique in the world even in the choice of their names (as stated on the lips of the largest), Jr., permeates this strict qualification beautiful collective songs and their participation to combat their toys.

Father relies on raising the foundations of high strength and rigidity, which renounces the fierce capitalism and the consumer society despises empty, days pass in front of them and not only that Father coach, teacher, educator, and a nice mother sick remote.

In the face of a difficult family circumstances they are forced to leave their paradise own for, run and their world, and go to that outside world hollow luxury, here’s journey begins in testing their ideas and their previous lives, the film begins in monitoring Ironically disparate series of both worlds, with a quick glimpses of the black comedy convergence of small worlds is a shock to both of them last.

The plot and the film classification

The film is family drama withstand philosophical and passionate nature which represents Father vital heart, the center of the control and monitoring the children understand the veins and arteries.

Father makes of his sons geniuses surrounded by books from everywhere, read voraciously in philosophy, physics, law and politics, and speak fluently several languages ​​but they will also appear in turn lack the existence of that real world, the real test of this vast amount of knowledge.

Their journey on their own bus released to the civilian world literally represents the journey of life saturated with pictures charming and meanings truth, dialectical dialogues from society and religions, right, and wrong, and abstract philosophical idea of ​​things.

Outlook own religions film shows as a philosophy rather than a we reject any form of organized religion, and religion as a way of providing a philosophical represented spiritual rituals, and conduct life refuses to use religion to adapt the hearts of ordinary people and their formation in ready templates.

The film is somewhat represents a cry to limit the influence of the church in the face under the monotonous society Space excessive elegance, the sacred decrees more than the sanctity of the desire of the person concerned to exercise the same ritual spirituality done in his own way he wants and that seemed strange, even for all.

Only it does not stop here, and even the idea of ​​holidays, and celebrations that bring people to cheer cheering on one hand, the father strictly keep his children away from all this noise by creating suitable for their own celebration, so celebrate the Day of the intellectual and political activist and the American philosopher, “Noam Chomsky”.

In a clear sign of the challenges facing the isolated family when their presence in the world of the city’s bustling, and despite the lack of the real world and the ignorance it but the film also shows the flaws of deadly civil society, where breathless behind the brands, and puffed idle prisoners chilling stacked of fat, and children detainees behind screens shows games and other types of technological progress applications.

Permeates the film effects books that you drink children through dialogues between them, eg when expressing eldest daughter rejection of capitalism flagrant of home widespread found in excess of the needs, and which it sees as it promotes individual property a great deal, which will affect certainly the public domain.

Acting and Directing Team

The most important characteristic of the film is cast in which the power of control over the performance of six children show up, and not only that but also the task of placing them in key roles.

But before said representatives of the children the roles we will look into the role of the main father figure “between” that led the actor ‘Viggo Mortensen, “and the best representative of the candidate on a major role in the nominations for the Oscars this year.

In fact, “Viggo Mortensen” she deserves this his performance deserved Intelligent where he was able to make viewers completely in the early parts of the film, and to turn a blind eye to some educational methods and defective, despite the harsh clarity.

Yet the film monitoring fluctuations unexpected, but the role of the father “between” remained strong and influential with the roar of ironic that put the viewer is confused to wonder where is the right thing? In civil chaos and reality, or the purity of the forest and its cruelty.
But the goal remains justified quite a bit, and this is the secret of our sympathy with the father and that as long than was that of his sons makes great philosophers and wonderful.
Can not lose sight of the role of the grandfather said, “Jack,” which led the actor ‘Frank Langella’, where his role was remarkable and a short bit, and this is making him nibble Film Critics.

The film is written and directed by American filmmaker and actor “Matt Rose.”

In conclusion, we can get to the Father “between” represents in this film image outs rebellious consumer-capitalist society, which formed his character in its opposite and militant completely from the other side, the extremes of variation in this form Glen makes the balance is the inevitable result and the Savior of the two models extremists bitter .