With his Silence / Shapes series, the photographer Filippo Minelli sublimates the beauty of the landscapes (and some interiors) thanks to forms of colored smoke. On his website, the artist explains to want to give “a physical form to silence”, announcing a paradoxical project. Genuine artistic research, Minelli tries to make visible the invisible and audible the inaudible. But how to represent a concept?

Contrasting interpretations

The pictures of Filippo Minelli are poetic on several levels. The artist mixes aesthetics with the conceptual. The images show superb frames, staged to represent an idea: that of silence. In order to give form to this idea, it captures the ephemeral of these smoke which diffuse into the air, until disappear completely. Thus, silence is represented by something floating around us, well present but one can break. It hovers and languishes, making the ephemeral last.

However, the Madrid foundation Loewe insinuates that if smoke calls for dreams and poetry, they can also symbolize something more brutal. The foundation of art proposes this interpretation:

“His use of fumigants probably stems from the author’s interest in political and social issues: often used in demonstrations, they generally refer to the imagery of mass, agitation, cry and noise , And even violence. “

Between the spiritual and the violent, the frozen and the moving, the series of Filippo Minelli acts like an installation and an artistic performance.