Fifty Shades Darker came out last month and yet we still talk about it. Now that 99% of the female population has seen it, we can finally get to the heart of the matter and list what has changed in relation to the book.

We have been waiting for this film for months and now we are back in the infernal whirl of expectation. Fifty Shades Freed is scheduled for 2018 (joy) and for the pill to pass better, we still had some small details regarding the final chapter of the sage of E. James. The most curious ones will be rave to take a look at the first trailer unveiled at the premiere of Los Angeles. But now that everyone has seen the movie and that we no longer risk anything spoilers level, it’s time to look at the most important: what has changed between the book and the movie.

1. Christian loosens the ballast

Will Christian release the pressure? In the book, when Ana has to go to New York, he is absolutely buying the company she works for (which he also does in the film), but this is to cancel his trip. In the film, they discuss and Ana decides to listen to her and not to leave. At least she made her choice alone (like a big one).

2. Two sex scenes are missing

The scenes of sex, this is not what is lacking in Fifty Shades Darker. However, there are two that have been deleted. The first required vanilla ice cream and in the second, a billiard table was requested. And the worst part is that Ana and Christian are playing billiards in the trailer.

3. Ana has not changed

After a break, we all go through the box “I’m depressed, I go on a hunger strike” (and it’s probably the best diet possible, even more effective than Kim Kardashian’s slimming secret). In the book, Ana goes through this phase and yet, it is not the case in the film. Obviously, Dakota Johnson was not going to starve for a role. Instead, she was given a sports routine to shape a dream body. For that too, we would sign well.

4. Jack Hyde is very different

Through the book, readers know that Jack is responsible for Christian’s helicopter accident. But in the film, he is seen only burning his face with a cigarette. Who knows, maybe the explanation will be provided in Fifty Shades Freed?