The trailer of Feed (new film of Troian Bellisario) has just come out and for us, it is the opportunity to discover what the actress is worth out of the role of Spencer Hastings.

Pretty Little Liars will be completed in a few weeks and Troian Bellisario has already a few projects in progress. Soon, his film Feed will be released in VOD and judging by the trailer that has just appeared, it looks very dark. The actress will camp Olivia Gray, an 18-year-old woman who loses her twin brother (played by Tom Felton). The guilt and the lack engendered by this loss will be due to the health of the young woman. If you still have not got an idea, here are some reasons to wait for Feed’s release.

The casting

At the cast, Trojan Bellisario and Tom Felton. The first one made the beautiful days of Pretty Little Liars while that dear Tom lent his face to Malfoy in Harry Potter. It was also seen in The Flash or The Planet of the Apes. But there, he tackles a much darker character (yes, we can do worse than a Slytherin). Change of radical setting for the actor, then!

Personnal project

To say that the actress was involved in this film would be a euphemism: she wrote it, produced it, and, in addition, it incarnates the main role. If the project is so important to her, it is mainly because it is inspired by her own story: “Many people thought it was just losing weight or being thin, and I could not Not really to make them understand that in reality, it was mainly to keep control, it was literally a question of control, “she told Interview magazine. Feed will allow to see the actress in a new light but also to understand it.

A real substantive problem

When we think about it, few films deal with anorexia. Hunger Point or the Glory Prize approach this complex theme but it is rare to find movies that really manage to pinpoint the vicious illness of anorexia. With Feed, we understand that this eating disorder is not a phenomenon of fashion and that it is still less a disease based on the physical and the superficial. It is much more vicious, much deeper and much more complex. In the trailer, one could almost see the character of Tom Felton as the personification of anorexia – which makes it even more intriguing.