If you read the women’s press and if you follow the life of Kim Kardashian closely, then you know that the trend is natural. And obviously, we take the thing very seriously.

When one is a normally constituted girl, there are two codes that are essential before putting the nose out. First, one dries one’s hair (at the risk of resembling a sheep or feeling the dog wet) and especially, one puts mascara – because it catches up nevertheless well the eyes of panda. But because at this moment the trend is no makeup (ask Alicia Keys, she knows a ray), some would even be ready to do without mascara. It remains to be seen whether we are really ready for it. But since we are the type to test everything (we must be a bit badass), we found some reasons to dare to take the plunge.

1. Follow the trend

Alicia Keys advocates no makeup and Demi Lovato posts her “No makeup monday” weekly on Instagram. No need to have bac +10 to understand that at this moment, the trend is natural. The idea of imitating them may seem strange to the extent that we are not sheep. But when you think about it, our skin will finally say thank you (if we do).

2. Cheating a little


Obviously, it is not forbidden to cheat! When you are told “no mascara”, it does not mean you have to banish all the tubes in your bathroom and you have to boycott everything that might look like a brush. In fact, there are mascaras that hold your eyelashes without giving the impression that you are made up like a cabaret dancer.

3. Boosting self-confidence


Believe it or not, do without makeup (and thus, mascara) can boost self-confidence. So obviously, seen from here, it’s not obvious. And yet, it’s true! However, when you think about it, it makes sense: when you start to no longer wear make-up, the first days are difficult. It feels like a zombie straight out of The Walking Dead, we are persuaded that the whole Earth imagines us in depression … in short, we see it badly. And yet, if we hold, we end up gaining confidence. Why ? Simply because one becomes familiar with his face to the “natural” and because of mine of nothing, one is reconciled with. And that’s not luxury.

4. Summer, the enemy of mascara

As you know, summer is approaching. And in summer it’s hot. Between the sweat (yes, it happens), the heat and your swimming sessions at the beach or at the pool, it would be better to do without mascara – you will agree. Besides, we hope you did not wait for us to realize …! Of course, the Waterproof mascara has already saved us all, but as with everything, there are girls who do not feel comfortable wearing it. You know what they say, tastes and colors …! For them, the best alternative would be to do without them.