The last movie to be played, “Hugh Jackman” to represent the character”Wolverine,” according to his statement, according to the film’s director, “James Mangold”, the film Logan will be emotional more, and will focus on the humanitarian side of Logan, therefore it will be lovers of Wolverine on a date with an exceptional film an emotional farewell favorite personalities.

Almost film based on the events of Comic entitled “Old Man Logan” a few differences, but nevertheless there are some things you should know before going to the movie.

The old Logan

At Comic “The Old Man Logan”, the Wolverine union with Haukai, or eagle eye, an element of Almentqman team owner crossbow, so as to save the Logan family of band Hulk, “Hulk gang”, made up of descendants of Bruce Banner, as well as to save the earth from the evil Reid -scal, red skull.But unfortunately will not see it in the film; and because the personal rights of Wolverine and men both the EXE is “Fox,” The rest of the heroes of Marvel Vhakogahm “for Disney,” so you will not see in the movie only Wolverine and Dr. Xavier as seen in Altrer, in addition to the girl child, Laura that I will address them later.

This information must be shown to those who believed that the film would be built entirely on the events of the Comic, and this is not true, unfortunately.


All of the continued series Men X films certainly will teach the timeline problem in this series, while the Logan will be the last film within a triple and Wolverine, but in fact it is their linked due to the loss of the timeline, since the movie X-Men Days of Future Past, which display 2014, all the men of X films takes place in an alternate timeline, as if this particular film came to the mess and destroy the time lines deliberately. Name alone guarantor believing it!

But what does an alternate timeline? Do you followed the movie The Butterfly Effect or triple wonderful “Back to the future”? If she traveled to the past and you change happened no matter how small, things will vary significantly in the future, and this is what he did the movie X-Men Days of Future Past, when the men of X last change to send Wolverine to the past, so the film former Wolverine events did not occur from the ground up in this new timeline, that movie “Logan” will not be associated with his predecessor at most.


All who saw Altrer ask for those savage girl who owns Wolverine’s claws, it is hell? Is she his daughter? His cousin? Well to answer so we have a little bit going into the comics, and will include this paragraph burning for some events of the film, so there must be alert.

Will play the role of “Laura,” the girl Spanish-English “Daphne Ne” Her 12-year-old Laura is cloned from Wolverine was created in an attempt to re-open the project “Force X” program by highly organized secret to making human lethal weapon.

At the end of the movie “X-men: Apocalypse”, which last year’s show, and specifically in the scene Alkredet which displays after the end Badge see some Almhendman men take bottles labeled “Force X” blood samples, the blood returns certainly Olfren that we saw trying to escape from the facility, shackled and connected with pipes and it is clear that someone was pulling him samples have been testing, and reproduces “Laura.”

So when Dr. Xavier in Altrer’s Logan: “It’s like, it’s like you dramatically,” we will know immediately that it hit in saying; because it is a copy of the Logan has been reproduced from his blood.

the future

Conducting film “Logan” events in 2029, five years after the events of X-Men: Days of future past in which it has changed the time lines, what happened during those five years? Well I Say births converts rate, and became the X-Men scrappy team, and that is the backdrop for the story of Logan, who will collaborate with Dr. Xavier “Professor X” to restore things to normal, or at least minimize the damage.

Did you go fighting “the X-Men” to uphold the converts in vain? Are other converts like an ant Storm died, and the rest? Is there some hope of saving their heritage, or at least what’s left of it? This background that have been building the movie “Logan” on the basis, as well as “Laura’s” certainly what will happen to them.

Well that’s just about everything you need to know, and in the event that one of your friends asked for something that will be present to answer through the film, which will be for two hours and 20 minutes show.