Facezam is the Facebook Shazam. Or the application that allows you to find the Facebook account of a person only by taking a picture on the street.

Entrepreneur Jack Kenyon plans to launch this application on iOS only and states that it is capable of scanning billions of Facebook profile photos in seconds. It has been tested on more than 10 000 images and can identify people 70% of the time. When a person’s face is not facing or is covered with sunglasses, hair or hat, Facezam is also performing, but at 55% of the time.

There is no way for you to remove yourself from the app (unless you delete your Facebook account on suppose). Facebook already thinks that Facezam violates the terms of confidentiality of the social network while Jack is persuaded that the app is in order. Let’s not forget that the social network already has such technology when it comes to identifying your friends automatically.

For now, there is almost nothing on the face recognition app except a site that announces the release on March 21.