On Facebook, GIFs take an increasingly important place. However, the social network does not yet allow us to use them in comments. An oblivion soon repaired?

GIFs are gradually becoming a must in our reactions on social networks. More powerful than our good old smileys, the animated images are necessary to illustrate our deepest thoughts. On Facebook, which has hosted reactions and mentions on Messenger, GIFs can be used in a publication, in a conversation in private message but not yet in comments. When a friend or page publishes a status, you can reply to it with an image but not a GIF. Aware of the progress of the phenomenon, the social network of Mark Zuckerberg should soon integrate the animated images in the comments.

TechcrunchFacebook would currently test a GIF button integrated in the comments section. A source close to the company said to : “Everybody loves a good GIF and we know that people want to use it in comments. So we are ready to test the possibility of adding GIFs to comments and we Will be able to say advantage when it is possible but for the moment we repeat that it is a test “. Facebook would have the idea of offering a small number of users to test the functionality. If the returns are positive then the GIFs will be included in the comments. After giving us the opportunity to make lives from a computer, Facebook continues to expand the scope of possibilities.