Well, we hate to remind you, but it’s the exam period. Inevitably you are living a state of emergency in recent times because of this period of fatigue and tension, you find yourself between the fire, the inability to focus because of the pressure and the desperate desire for success and progress. Fortunately, we are here, and we understand very well what you are going through now because it is.

1. Yes, we all searched for “music for study” on YouTube

2. Yes, we all lost our temper at some point

3. Yes, we all drank a lot of coffee … a lot

4. all of us have done a 30-minute restores for every “minute” action

5. All of us are looking for jobs that do not require a high level of study

6. We all started planning for the summer vacation

7. We all ate, ate and ate … non-stop

8. We all cried

9. We all regret the days we spent watching our favorite series

10. Yes, we all decided it was not too late

11. We all want success

12. Yes, we all want to make our parents proud of us

13. Yes, we all want to get a prestigious certificate

14. So, we can all do this