What if there is a scientific miracle that allows us to adjust our memories, experiences and wounds?
What if you find that code that implements the Happiness program on our minds and then show us the “out put” with the favorite “Tate Tit”, “The operation was successful … Congratulations, are you now quite happy”?

What if he even presented a medical drug we eat and then we sleep to wake up and find ourselves freed from the memories of disturbing us back?

the story of the movie

The film revolves around the romantic duo “Jules” (Jim Carey) and “Clementine” (Kate Winslet), where a love story is created for two full-time workers. In just a week they are turning into strangers because of a memory scan process. All the memories of “Joel” and everything related to him to follow is out of revenge and escape from the remnants of memories of a relationship became monolithic and does not suffer from the end of one another.

Clementine feels that the two years of this relationship have affected her so much that she made her hate herself.

All this happens in a clinic or medical center called “lacuna”, and in February, it is the other side of February and the black February – which is the middle of Valentine’s Day – where “Joel” finds the place very crowded with the losers. On the one hand, and companies with greeting cards for promising dreamers on the other.

Conflict of memories

The doctor asks him to get rid of all his belongings such as gifts, pictures, notes, acoustics and others by handing them over to the clinic. He hands them over to the doctors and the devices that track the memories. “Clementine” and its destruction, then this anger and the overwhelming desire of Joel turn to his desire to reverse completely, in order to retain the memories of Clementine and protect them from disappearance and disappearance and even engage in the bitter struggle for this.

This experience enables “Joel” to enter his memories, or to enter his head to see everything and restore the attitudes of the most recent to the oldest to discover that these memories should not die because they deserve life.

He tries to escape with his lover away from tracking their organs once he goes back to childhood and once escapes to the last point in the world (frozen pole) and so continues this struggle of memories, which extends to more than half the film in a fantastically fast and sequential sequence shows the details of the story on two parallel lines His old memories and what is happening in his head now. “Joel” recalls all his memories with Clem and realizes how much he loves her, despite those ridiculous disagreements that he has so much appreciated and which are not worth anything for the bitterness of forgetting forever.

Love pains and philosophy

The film serves the value of love with a different philosophy that makes it wonderful and beautiful as we indulge in its details even more in those quick flash moments that we did not pay attention to, or perhaps to those things which we are so tired of.

The value of unconditional love and the meaning of acceptance of the other as it is not to expect from him other changes (or better) because this is really the scourge of passion.

The film depicts the tragic moments of separation and the cruelty of the ends that kill us mercilessly to imagine then that jumping on this moment of suicide and forgetfulness is the only solution for all of the above surrendering to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčescape, which may be followed by other consequences we do not expect.

Even if we assume that this immediate forgetfulness and all the memories of the mind are destroyed, where is the heart? Especially after the doctors recently annoyed us with their research and opinions that the heart may be a second brain remembers and decides and this seems to be true to an undeniable extent.

This is what happened with Jules after losing the battle of the mind with the doctors, and his heart will lead him to the Montok station to meet the girl with the orange blouse that fascinated him for the first time. The film shows that the emotion is much stronger than the flat, blinding picture in which they dealt with love. Their temporary desire to jump through forgetfulness, and thus fall the concept of the philosopher (Nietzsche) in his perception of happiness by forgetting and shows the futility of this claim.

The film also shows the philosophy of integration between two completely different buddies (the introverted quiet man and the confused young man). Jules likes to read but Clem is the only magazine that can be browsed, despite the nature of its work in a library.

Gul makes fun of one of his memoirs and points out that she embarrasses him in front of his friends, to show us that sometimes we grumble about those things that are incomplete or that may not seem exactly like us, but the magic lies in this difference and integration.

Script and output

The script was written by Charlie Kaufman in a way that carries a lot of fantasy and fantasy that went smoothly and light fully to really deserve this Oscar 2005 Best Film Award scenario, and Winslet was nominated for Best Actress. The film was produced in 2044 and is directed by French director Michel Gondry.