It is all new, it is all beautiful … It is time to find the Top News of the week

Harry Styles solo career without One Direction, we have his first song! Good news for the fans of the singer, but we will have to wait a little longer before discovering his very first album … Dry your tears, it happened many other things TROP COOLS (and others much less) this Week in the lives of stars. Between EnjoyPhoenix who announces being a couple, Louis Tomlinson who gets arrested alongside Eleanor Calder, or Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande who are bursting into tears …. In short, we had action! If you have missed a few details or if you feel like you’re Chinese in what you just read, the Top News of the week is here to summarize! Let’s go.

EnjoyPhoenix again in couple


I’ll go wherever you will go.

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This week, Youtubeuse unveiled a photo where she holds a man’s hand. No doubt, no more celibacy, she’s back in a couple! She even said: “I would say nothing more than the fact that it is not someone I have already shown so do not make prognoses :)”. And we had the right to a MASTA clue: The bracelet! Yann-Alrick Mortreuil, the dancer of EnjoyPhoenix in DALS carries the same! Except that the young woman confirmed that it was not him. But who is his mysterious boyfriend?

Louis Tomlinson arrested by police

You could not miss the BAD BUZZ of the moment … Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder found themselves in full fight with fans and a paparazzi at the airport. Already, first news: Both ex are again ENSEMBLE because he called it “my girlfriend”. Second news: Tommo was arrested by the police for provoking a riot and for blows and wounds … Pending the trial that will take place on March 29, he must stay in Los Angeles. It’s not the crazy atmosphere …

Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande in tears


Justin Bieber IN THE FALLS during a riot in Australia, the video is not fun to see. The Biebs found himself in the middle of it all while he was tranquillou billou on his scooter. One imagines that he had a small crisis of panic at the sight of all this mess. And after him, it’s Ariana Grande’s turn to crack … But for a whole other reason. Overwhelmed by the emotion and love of her fans, she cried in full concert of the Dangerous Woman Tour. If it’s not cute.

Kylie Jenner VS Kim Kardashian, it stuck

Well, apparently it’s not crazy love in the Jenner-Kardashian clan right now … Kylie Jenner follows the example of her sister-in-law Kim Kardashian by posing NUE on the canvas, and it does not please, But then not at all to the Queen Kardashian. She was even jealous … One source told Radar Online: “Kim fell a cable, there was already a ton of dramas in between, because Kim thinks that Kylie is obsessed with her and she tries To be it … What is true, Kris focuses on Kylie at the moment and Kim takes it badly. Good atmosphere here too!

Bella Thorne and Cody Christian very close

COUPLE ALERT? Not right away … But Bella Thorne & Cody Christian were very close SPOTTED and this several times! Finally, no paniquo, the two actors are actually in full shooting of the film Assassination Nation. Of course, they are obliged to work together. But all the same … Will not those two end up becoming a couple in real life? Case also to follow. What news has you most marked?