Emma Watson shares her 5 favorite ecological beauty brands and it’s worth a look

Emma Watson is a committed actress who does not just say things. The proof, she shares her favorite ecological beauty brands during the promotional tour of La Belle et la Bete. Focus on 5 of them

Through her new committed Instagram, Emma Watson reveals the outfits she wears during the promotional tour of La Belle et la Bête. Their common point: they are all eco-responsible. And the actress does not stop in such good way. Indeed, Belle’s interpreter in the long-awaited Disney film extends this commitment to the beauty department. Yes, Emma Watson uses only eco-friendly brands to promote Beauty and the Beast. And they do it well. In total, the British actress puts forward no fewer than 35 eco-friendly and committed brands, saying no to animal testing and yes to natural products. Among this great choice, we chose to highlight 5 eco-friendly, cool and affordable brands validated by Emma Watson. Follow the guide !


Created in Melbourne in 2007 by Peter and his two children, Simon and Alison, this beauty brand promotes sustainable development and production in Australia. Carbon emissions are minimized throughout the manufacturing process, packagings are recyclable, and plant-based formulas are biodegradable. In short, everything is put in place so as not to damage the planet. The other great asset of this brand 100% vegan: it is the most affordable. Count 7,15 € for a bottle of 125 ml moisturizing cream, a micellar water or a face scrub. We spend 14.34 € for a body lotion with lime and 500ml coconut. Sukin is the only shadow on the board and does not deliver to France. It is necessary to turn to the English sites Boots and Holland & Barrett.

Sister & Co

Here is a brand that will delight coco fans. During a trip to India, Sophie discovers the benefits of coconut oil on her skin. Back in London, she does not find the right texture. This lawyer let go of everything to recreate herself this little miracle product. Sister & Co. was born. The raw coconut oil used in the products comes from an organic farm in Sri Lanka. The brand favors the natural ingredients, which are usually found in the kitchen. Apricot, vanilla, cardamom, coffee, mint or soy are also used. You guessed it, the chemicals are banned. Good news: Sister & Co. is available on ASOS! We have soap detoxifying with charcoal, lip balm with coconut, bath salts with almond milk or scrub tea matcha.

Absolution Cosmetics

Efficiency, honesty, ecology and creativity: these are the four pillars of the brand created by Isabelle Caron in 2009. Its recipe consists of 99% natural ingredients and 50% organic ingredients. Minerals, vitamins and plants make up products such as Day Cream, Purifying Care, Soft Skin Milk and other lipsticks. The brand relies on recycled and / or recyclable packaging, a reduction of their carbon footprint and a deep respect for sustainable development. The icing on the cake: 2% of the profits goes to the charity CARE. We warn you right away, you have to be prepared to invest in the Absolution Cosmetics products, which are not the cheapest.


If you dream of traveling in distant lands and beautiful hair, Rahua is the brand you need. It follows an ancestral tradition of the Quechua-Shuar tribes, who sank into the Amazon rainforest to practice a beauty ritual and prepare a repair oil called Rahua, extracted from the Ungurahua nut. Unlike other oils, it penetrates into the fiber of the hair. Again, this oil is made by Amazonian women and men, according to the traditional method. Incorporated in the Amazon Beauty group, the Rahua brand refuses paraben, sulphates and gluten. Entirely natural and vegan, it is suitable for damaged, curly, colored or dry hair. Rest assured, Rahua products can be purchased in several stores in Paris, Marseille, Lyon or Biarritz. Go to the brand website to find out which ones.

Rms beauty

Rose-Marie Swift is an old make-up artist who has had health problems due to a strong exposure to chemicals in the makeups she used. Following this experience, she dedicates herself to a natural and healthy beauty. RMS Beauty promotes raw and organic ingredients in their natural state. Enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants are at the heart of the manufacturing process, using as little heat as possible to preserve the properties of the products. Rose-Marie Swift highlights the regenerative properties of these products, whose packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. Lipsticks, eyeshadows, eye-liners, face powders and oils are therefore safe for women and the planet. RMS Beauty is available in 14 French boutiques, to be discovered on the site of the brand.

Nous avons l’embarras du choix pour nous lancer dans la beauté écolo comme Emma Watson. L’actrice se tourne également vers The Body Shop, Honest Beauty, Alimapure, Elde Cosmetics ou encore Inika Organis pour faire rimer beauté et écologie.