It is not too late to launch the Korean giant Samsung, the last of its class of the highest class and most importantly the Galaxy S, in the form of the Galaxy S 8 Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +. Both phones were launched at the company’s conference held in New York City, United States, on the 29th of last month. This is the first phone released after what we call the “technical disaster” that was solved by the Galaxy Note 7, which came to prevent it from entering airports due to the explosion of its battery .

But I will focus here on the reasons why you may be prompted to buy or not to buy a new phone. Of course, these reasons are just a false perspective, but I only show my view of the phone standing next to the consumer who does not know what to buy or not, then follow the following lines.

  • Motives for purchasing

We first start with the reasons and advantages that might drive you to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or Plus.

the screen

With the most visible and visible thing at the beginning is the screen, the S8 comes in 5.8 inches for the regular version and 6.2 inches for the Plus version, but not just the size. The screen is first in QuadHD. The screen is supported by Infinity Display, which the company made to make the screen more massive than before, which is evident in the phone of course, and you will feel this through the use of the phone, and also supports the high curves in this phone in addition to the thickness of the edges is very small, which may When you watch videos, you feel that you’re seeing the track in the air and not on a phone because of the small edges. It is also the first mobile phone to have a Mobile HDR Premium logo, and of course we all know about the impact of HDR in color.

Home button

There has been a lot of rumors here and there about why the Galaxy S8 did not have the usual Home button on nearly all Samsung phones, which most other companies such as HTC, Huawei and others have abandoned, but a few times the rumors seem to be true. Home disappeared as the company called it at the bottom of the phone completely and is sensitive to pressure. It also gives a slight vibration when pressed to make you feel more comfortable. Of course, this is one of the steps to magnify the display size, not just the size of the phone, so now you do not need the lower part that holds the back buttons, the main menu button and the options button, now you own, Precision.


Previously, protection on Samsung phones was based on features such as opening fingerprints or erasing the cornea. Now it’s more familiar with Face Recognition, the new feature of the S8 and S8 + phones. Record time and maximum protection possible.

Personal Assistant Bixby

One of the key features of the S8 and S8 + is Samsung’s new personal assistant, known as Bixby. Bixby is Samsung’s new smartphone assistant, and you can talk to it through voice commands when you press its button. You will not need keywords to find answers to your questions when you use this Smart Assistant, as well as being able to do almost anything in the phone such as opening applications Writing, research, photography and communication. For example, you can say “Call Mother” and you will find it related to your mother right away. This assistant is the best response so far to the assistants of Apple, her personal assistant Siri, Microsoft, her personal assistant Cortana, and Google Assistant. The Bixby Assistant also works superbly with 10 Samsung applications. As for the launch, it will be first in Korea, and is expected to arrive in the United Kingdom soon and then the rest of the world.

DeX Station Base

This is a very important new step and a quantum leap made by Samsung, preceded by Microsoft with the Lumia 950 phone known as Microsoft Continuum, but the attempt failed, or today is Dex.

DeX is a base for the S8 and S8 + phones that allows you to put your phone into an integrated PC with your phone. By switching your phone to a PC when you connect it to a USB-C base, you can connect the base to a keyboard, screen, and mouse to create a new Android computer and phone specifications.

Unlike Microsoft previously, DeX can run multiple applications on the screen simultaneously, and includes a window style that lets you view more than one application at the same time. Also, almost all Android apps will be compatible and playable in addition to Microsoft Office. Add to your imagination the possibility of running a virtual Windows system with solutions like Citrix.

  • Reasons for not buying

This is not all, and of course there is nothing complete. Let us, in the following points, show you the reasons why you may be missing out on the idea of ​​buying.

the battery

I did not want to start here with anything but the battery being the biggest flaw in the S8 phone, and all these specifications and the size of this screen with awesome display capabilities, it was worth a battery capacity greater than 3000mAh for the regular version and 3500mAh Plus. Although there is speculation about battery life, the overall landscape does not predict this, because the phone has the capacity to charge more than 5000mAh per day depending on the nature of its use.

Although the company had released the Galaxy C9 and A9 Pro 4000mAh and 5000mAh battery, respectively, the question remains, how does the company spend on the most important category among all categories of phones in the capacity of the battery? Is it related to fast charging features? It is possible, and we will follow users’ feedback on battery and consumption anyway.

Random memory

Another point where the company has neglected the most important categories of phones is the random memory, the phone has a larger screen, which means the ability to open and perform more tasks at the same time, it was expected to come with a memory of at least 6 GB, to speed up the implementation of tasks and mobility in It is enough to say that the random memory of the most important phones in 2017 came with only 1 GB of 2014 phones such as Note 4, a difference of three years with 1 GB Just. Once again, we are surprised by the fact that the C9 Pro has launched the C9 Pro, which is not a top class, such as S-Note and 6Gb RAM last year.

Fingerprint scanner site

All that was on the front end of the phone had to be sacrificed to access the Infinity Display technology. One of the things that was sacrificed was the finger scanner, which is now on the rear camera. With a phone of this size, it may be difficult to reach this place with a finger or middle finger as we used with Huawei phones. The fingerprint scanner may have been replaced by Face Recognition, but it should have been placed elsewhere, even if it is at the bottom of the camera.

This is why I have presented the most important reasons, advantages and disadvantages that may make you buy or not buy one of my last Samsung S8 and S8 +, may differ with me in some points may agree in some, but it is all in your hand in the end, and I am here only to view the destination My theory. Wait for your comments in your personal views on the phone if you’ve used it or seen it or have a look at it.