Have you kept your Dr Martens and they wisely wait for you to seal their fate? Good news, the trend is to combat boots. In other words, you can unpack them. Yes, but how to wear them?

If you, too, had your period “alone against all” and listened to Nirvana thoroughly, then there is a good chance that your Dr. Martens will have stayed in a box, warm in Dad’s garage and mom. The good news is that the trend is to fight boots and that, of course, you will be able to take them out and wear them proudly. Except that here, at the time, you were teenager. You were collecting grunge t-shirts (which come back strong, by the way) and most of all, you swear by the black eye liner. So if you want to imitate Gigi Hadid who serves us all the sauces, we have a few ideas to upgrade them. Because good, you’re not fifteen.

The 90’s look

Those that are pure products of the 90s can create a look in their image with a simple jacket in denim and a bonnet. Add some basics and you’re done! (Island is missing only a walkman).

With a beaded deminer jacket to be classed in the spring

Those that do not want to look like a punk straight out of Camden Lock can fall back on the low Dr Martens. It adds some girly details like a beaded jacket and it goes like a letter to the post! And the it-bag, you do not forget the it-bag.

To change the black

It is spring and clearly, we are overdose black – even if it saves us 90% of the time.

With a leo jacket

Because we all have a leopard jacket lying at the bottom of a closet, why not take it out? A strong piece like this will give more impact to your look.

With a boyfriend destroy

The combo jean destroy and Dr. Martens give the impression of a studied look while one looks for only one thing: comfort. It is all benef ‘.

With a midi skirt

Because Dr. Martens go with everything (yes, everything), one can dare the fluid midday skirt.

With a smocking

If some prefer to upgrade their smocking with a corset, others may very well raise theirs with Docs. We choose them low for the Tomboy side and we remain simple with a basic T-shirt. Perfect.

With flashy prints

If you can no longer stand plain and dull looks, you can dare print out. Obviously, one is careful not to do in the higher bid but with a basic top (crop or not) and a destroy jean, you will have everything good.

With basics

If you do not know how to tune your basics, think of Dr. Martens. In addition to giving you an androgynous look, it will raise it all.

With fur

You thought the fur was reserved for girls BCBG? Well, think again! In fact, we can very well associate two pieces that initially have nothing to do. The proof.