A few days after the release of our S8 / S8 + phone, we heard from the first users about a torrent of complaints about multiple phone problems, but before we talk about these problems, we quickly get into our minds. Which is supposed to be the company’s leading devices, that is, they pay attention to them, and these phones are the best sellers and profits of the company.
The reason for the haste companies issuing organs and not to give enough time for further tests; the main reason of competition between companies, and could be clarified a range of points, including: competition regarding the timing of the launch of the company’s devices and competitors, where each company is seeking to speed issued for her leading before its competitors to acquire the largest proportion of sales and satisfy consumers’ need for a new vision, and also competition for new technologies and technical specifications and the hardware devices such as “the company’s efforts to provide the speed of her phone, which contains the latest version of Qualcomm processors or technology Dath camera. ”

So I’m not biased to say that companies can shed extra light on all aspects of phones by consumers with high expectations, is what gives the problems that appear larger than the size of a degree, and therefore we will review the problems that have emerged so far to know what specifically? Has Samsung announced ways to solve them so far or not?

The problem of redness of the screen

The first problem that users complained about was that the colors of the screen were very thankful for the red color, and this problem caused a big sensation, especially that the screen is the most important of the two phones. Samsung promised to solve this problem by updating the software, with confirmation from the company that this is not a defect but This is mainly due to the screen color adjustment feature, and it responds to consumers’ desire to customize the screen color display in this way, releasing an update that allows for more customization capabilities, and a temporary solution by manually adjusting screen colors from the settings.

Automatic restart problem

The problem is that the device suddenly stopped and restarted automatically for no apparent reason. Many users posted a lot of complaints on the company support forum and the XDA Developers forum. Some said that the phone had more than a restart in a short time and without reason Therefore, through discussions among users, many of them attributed the problem to the Micro SD memory module and recommended that it be removed as a temporary solution to this problem. Others attributed the problem to the power saving settings or the Always On Display feature. The company has not yet commented on this problem, People in the states I think that this problem is not a widespread problem and it is not a problem with the physical hardware of the phone, but it is a software problem that the company will soon solve with a software update.

The problem of burning pixels

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Pixel burning on the screen means those pixels or very small dots on the screen that are subject to severe damage that can not display the colors through them and appear darkly on the screen, due to the constant display of the same images or icons for a long time, and this occurs especially in screens Super Amolide comes by my phone S8, S8 +, and complaints indicate a problem at the bottom of the screen Place the default home button built-in screen instead of the real button In previous versions, Samsung reported that it had taken precautions to not cause the problem, Or simply move the home button Continuous and unobtrusive to prevent the same color display on the same pixel for a long time.

Wireless charging problem

Many users complained about the shipping problem with Samsung’s fast wireless charger for older versions. Some of them avoided the problem using a charger from another company, but shipping was slow. The company has not yet commented on the problem, although in my opinion it is one of the most important The problems that the company needs to pay great attention to, which guarantee that no battery problems with the use of consumers Chargers from other companies, especially with the problem of Note 7 famous.

Problem with wireless WiFi interconnection

A problem that appeared to some users and say that the wireless connection is suddenly interrupted and then back on its own, and announced that it will issue an update that fixes this problem and says that it found a mistake in the way the phone is connected to wireless networks.

These are the problems that have taken place. There have been many individual problems, which are mostly due to software reasons such as: automatic screen rotation is not working, some third-party programs that support changing the usual Samsung interface to others such as Google Launcher Access app notifications.

What do you think after all these problems not to worry about buying the phone? Overall, I personally advised one of my friends who was very impressed with the possibilities of the two phones and wanted to buy one of them waiting a little while to see what the company would do with this number of problems unfortunately in a leading phone, especially after the problem of the company’s previous flagship phone, Note 7, It has been withdrawn from the market and reformed and then sold at a reduced price again, I do not know when the company will learn the lesson on the delay in the issuance of phones after passing all tests.