Known to the sea that it is inevitable every person has a weight or are preoccupied with him or a problem in his life. The sea has always been where we feel we belong and where we feel comfortable. But have you ever wondered why this feeling? Why does the sea feel comfortable and comfortable? In the following article we will give you an answer to this problem, where we will give you 7 things will assure you that the sea is really the place for you if you are marginalized and depressed.

1. By forming the largest part of the earth, the sea represents the controlling part of the planet and whoever possesses this property always feels safe to others

2. The sea is like human beings, sometimes it is quiet and sometimes angry, and a person can see how his mood changes quickly

3. The unlimited extension of the sea, which is not limited by walls or barriers, rejuvenates the eye and positively affects the nervous system.

4. Scientifically proved that blue color helps to pull negative energy from the body and replace it with positive card and eliminates nervous tension, depression and frustration


5. You can ask him your concerns silently and quietly and emptied everything that is in your possession


6. iodized sea air helps to breathe well and relieve stress


7. According to the latest studies, families spending summer at sea are happier than others