Facebook held its annual F8 Developers Conference on 2017 between April 19th and 20th at the McNairi Convention Center in San Jose, California, with more than 4,000 people from developers, companies, students and entrepreneurs, as well as the millions who followed it through Live streaming service on Facebook’s F8 Watch page.
Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the beginning of the conference, spoke about the importance of technology in building better communities at the local and global levels. The company emphasized its focus on connecting friends and families on an ongoing basis

The new camera for enhanced reality

Zuckerberg talked a lot about how the camera changed the way people interact with friends, and that Facebook now wants developers to build effects for the new Facebook camera that supports enhanced reality, so it gives them the ability to do so with a closed beta version. The new version of the camera has three effects Dimensional, object recognition, and precise location, meaning that the Facebook camera will be able to add virtual objects to real world scenes and make them move in the camera according to the camera’s own angle change. Although the camera is still being tested, it is now available for use.

Facebook Spaces

Facebook has a virtual reality company Oculus, and Zuckerberg has already explained his company’s vision that virtual reality is the future of social interaction on the social network, and in 2017 Facebook raised cover for Spaces, which allows you to spend time with friends or family in virtual reality. It is now available in a trial version.

Through this platform the user can create an identity for him via the selection, then modify them as he wants. With the platform, users can invite friends, friends or new people to Facebook via Messenger, and bring them together in one room of their virtual world to talk and communicate as if they were in the same room in the real world, or even take them on a tour to several places.

Developer Circles

A new platform by Facebook for developers around the world to communicate, learn and collaborate with other local developers. It’s free and open to any developer. It is essentially a forum for cooperation. Developers can organize offline events and manage Facebook group in a certain area. The idea is that distinguished and experienced students can be used as a way to work together and create new experiences for Facebook.

Facebook Workplace

A mobile and web application designed to keep your team members connected like the Slack platform and is expected to become a strong competitor in the coming period.

This service offers features such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, integrated voice and video calls, social media access, events and live video tools. Facebook employees have been using this application for many years, as Facebook offered in late 2015 to some companies as a trial version, and the company announces that it will be available in two free versions, and other paid and will be launched in 2017.

New extensions for the Messenger app

New and wonderful features for users in the forefront of new store within the application but it is a special shop for chat robots. Click the new “Discovery” button, which allows users to search the robot library, and can also search for it in an intuitive way directly from the Messenger home screen.

Now there are chat add-ons like Spotify where you can now share songs with your friends directly from within Messenger. The best thing about these plugins is that Facebook is working to support Apple’s in-app music service, but has not provided additional details about the format of this support or Date of launch.

The company also introduced the use of the camera inside the Messenger application to scan its QR codes, giving users the option to scan the QR codes for brands and companies to communicate with them or with their chat robot directly and quickly.

The M’s Personal Assistant now offers the ordering feature through delivery.com and the complete ordering process and payment within the Messenger.

Smart responses, which are pages-specific, enable pages to answer frequently asked questions and add answers to common questions.

Offline Instagram

The application for sharing photos and messages, Facebook announced the possibility of using the application without Internet connection on Android devices does not mean the continuous use without the Internet, but will be able to view the publications and even the comments and comments that were downloaded earlier when connected to the Internet. You can also browse the profiles you have visited when you are connected to the Internet and also you can upload and modify new images but will be saved as a draft until you connect to the Internet to automatically publish on your profile. There is no word at this time about the possibility of this property with the feature of new stories in Instagram.


Is one of the deep learning or deep learning platforms. Facebook, in collaboration with Infidia and their other partners, announced Caffe2, which is open source, believing that artificial intelligence applications are the property of all and is a caffe extension and thus is Elon’s strongest competitor. The new “Neuralink” aims to connect human brains with computers in the coming years. In addition to the announcement, Caffe published tutorials and examples of new technology and how to use it. Anyone who wants to experiment will find everything he wants via Github / Caffe2.

Surround 360 VR cameras

Last year, Facebook announced its new Surround 360 camera and now unveils a new version that allows users to shoot high quality videos and display them on different virtual reality platforms. Where the camera came in the first two x24, which contains 24 cameras similar to the previous, which contained 16 cameras, which was similar to the dish, and comes in a spherical type and the second type x6 and has 6 cameras and the 8K display with a 360-degree environment and allows the new camera technology users mobility Inside your videos and experiment with them from different viewing angles. It also announced that it would be available on the market this year but would not sell it directly.

This was the highlight of his presentation this year at the Facebook Developers Forum f8, it was already crowded with ads and amazing technologies that will inevitably change the way we interact with this network, and the whole of our entire life!