It seems that all birds of a feather really even giant ones fall! Pepsi did not in any way predict the counterattack and ferocity of the response to the social networking platforms because of a publicity campaign launched earlier this month, a YouTube video that was part of its advertising campaign. “Live for Now” He is always welcomed and admired as he is used to by a huge company’s ads that have brought audiences around the world their successful insights.

The reactions swept through an incredible buzz, triggering a wide-ranging media debate that the New York Times, CNN, NBC News, and others reported. It was said that the company deliberately raised this media confusion as a strategy within the new marketing plan and while this possibility remains, these are the most prominent details about the failure of Pepsi’s recent publicity.

What I want to do a media message targeted insulted the whole issue!

The controversial YouTube video shows two and a half minutes of fashion models and reality TV star Kendall Jenner leaving a filming session to appear at first glance to be a public protest movement in the street where dozens of young men and women of different races and sects hold banners calling for peace, dialogue and love. In a clear confrontation between the protesters and the police, the sister-in-law of the Kardashian sisters bursts into the crowd and picks up Pepsi’s box and moves her towards the direction of one of the officers as a display of peace. The latter opens the soda can to the cheers of young activists immediately afterwards. Photo frames for what happened and like what a historical scene!


Several charges have been made to the brand because of the nature of the scenes in this video; a rich white female as described by some commentators, advancing amid a crowd of protesters and solving their problem with a soda can! Pepsi says that the purpose of the publicity was mainly to send a message of unity and peace. However, the comments in the Social Media criticized the company for underestimating the importance and seriousness of the Black Lives Matter movement that was created in 2012 to protest against the terrible racism against blacks and the violent and inhumane behavior of police Of African origin, the movement is known for its street demonstrations and against related issues such as the US criminal justice system.

Pepsi exploited this context to market her film in a creative film format, and I wanted to send a targeted information message that simply insulted the meaning and values ​​embodied in this type of demonstration, especially when it comes to lives lost for the cause and a history of frustrations suffered by protesters because of police violence This miraculous soda has never and will never be the key to coexistence even if you put this picture in a comic context!

Huge reactions followed by an apology and immediate withdrawal of the original video

Social Media had a voice that was heard and the power of its obsession with even the most famous brands, violent reactions that swept the propaganda content that some classified as the worst in the history of advertising. Pepsi initially defended what she presented as carrying a message of importance to the world but did not hesitate to apologize and withdraw the original propaganda video after the sharpness and ferocity of interactions in social media.

“Pepsi was trying to present a universal message about unity, peace and understanding. Obviously we missed our signal, and we apologize. We did not intend to shed light on any serious subject. We withdraw the content and stop any other posting. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position ”
Among the commentators was the youngest daughter of the activist and human rights activist Martin Luther King, who chuckled sarcastically: “If my father only knew Pepsi’s ability.” In an interview on Twitter, the company also said it believed in King King’s legacy and did not mean to underestimate or respect others who were fighting for Justice . There were those who published pictures of protests from Palestine and Venezuela, saying that those demonstrators did not benefit from the Pepsi and did not make any peace for them. Some of them have announced their boycott of the company’s products.


After two weeks, another brand is locked in the same adventure and the result is different!

It seems that the recent competition among the beverage giants to create media buzz has generated the greatest number of reactions to social networking platforms. Public interactions are evidence of a successful marketing of the product, where intelligent exploitation of current global political events and good reading of consumer psychology are key to the summit.


Instead of trying to stay away from the sensitive issues after the Pepsi scandal, as some newspapers have written, Heineken has launched a four-minute propaganda video about strangers with social views and opposing political tendencies who agree at the end of the propaganda to try to sit at one table and discuss their differences with full openness and display points They also share it! The video has received more than a million and a half views and has been admired by many, especially those who were angered by the recent Pepsi propaganda content, some examples of these positive interactions;