I’m back with you in a new feature that includes the best movies of a certain year. Two weeks ago or more we discussed an article that included the best 2016 films. This time we will show you the best film works that were shown in 2015.I’m back with you in a new feature that includes the best movies of a certain year. Two weeks ago or more we discussed an article that included the best 2016 films. This time we will show you the best film works that were shown in 2015.

It was a busy year filled with unique and unique cinemas in contrast to the disappointing 2016 year. It brought a lot of surprises with a great selection of great films and a lot of interesting films that got the viewers’ satisfaction.
Because of the strong competition between hundreds of films produced and scores of them that have won international awards at different festivals, anyone may choose to choose 10 of the best films this year, but we were finally able to nominate you in this article ten films It has a lot of critics around the world and a lot of viewers as the best movies of the year.


We start with the film that won the Academy Award for the best film in its eighty-eighth edition in 2016, one of the most beautiful biography and drama films and one of the best I’ve ever seen in a full-blown film.

Is based on a real story of Spotlight from the Boston Globe, an investigative unit that has existed since the early 1970s of Global Globe. They can spend months or even years investigating one story and knowing its secrets and misfortunes, and the importance of what they do is not authorized Revealing what they are doing to anyone, even if they are a wife, family member or even a close friend. During the film, they investigate the sexual abuse committed by priests in the Diocese of Boston against children, leading to the resignation of Cardinal Bernard Lowe in 2002.

The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, Lucas Haas, Dominion Gleeson, and Forest Gudlak, directed and written by Alejandro Gonz√°lez Inarrito, won three Oscar awards, including Best Director, Best Principal Actor and Best Cinematography.

The film is inspired by a novel by the same author Michael Bank, who also quotes the story of the life of fur hunter and animal skins, Hugh Glas, which took place in 1823 when Hugh Glas was attacked by a gray bear during a hunting trip, seriously wounded. One of his companions, John Bunhebe, kills his son and leaves him to die alone in the frozen prairies, but miraculously survives and goes on a journey to avenge the man who betrayed him and killed his son.

The film “The Revenant” is one of Alejandro’s masterpieces, a beautiful one in terms of photography. He appointed Oscar-winning artist Emmanuel Lubzky, who used natural light only and employed many close and complex shots. The thriller ‘s thriller leads you to the violent adventure of the film’ s hero, Hugh Glas. The film will show you how hard it was to survive in a vast, frozen forest. Although his events were a bit slow as if you were watching a film longer than 5 hours, you will not miss the pleasure that Alejandro made in this film to make it one of the best films to be screened in 2015.


This film, if not the best for the year 2015, will definitely be among the top five films, a dramatic film in which director Lenny Abrahamson – who has long been touched on addiction, drugs, depression and suicide – focuses on how to transcend the human spirit of physical boundaries, hope, love, childhood, parenthood .

The film, directed by Irish Lenny Abrahamson after reading the novel “Room” published in 2010 felt the importance of the transfer of the novel to a film, which he did in collaboration with the author Emma Donghi, who worked on writing the screenplay. Starring Berry Larsson, who won the Oscars for her beautiful performance in the film, Jacob Trimblay, Joan Allen and William Messi.

As we have said, the film’s story is based on a novel of the same title. It tells of Jack, a 5-year-old boy who lives with his mother, Joy, or what Ma calls her in a situation far from normal. The two are trapped in a room only a few meters . Jack’s mother created a full parallel in the room, but curiosity began to grow inside Jack, and his mother worked on a plan to escape.

The film won the Oscar for Best Actress and one of Perry Larsson’s top 4 nominations, and won the Golden Globe in the same category out of three nominations, earning $ 19 million in revenue at the world box office.


If we talk about the 2015 films we finally agree that they were the most dramatic, for example the beautiful drama “Carol” from the novel “The Price of Salt,” published in 1952 by American novelist Patricia Haysmith, Oscar-winning actress Kate Blanchitt, Ronnie Mara, Sarah Paulson, Kyle Chandler, Todd Haynes and Phillis Nagy.

The film takes place in New York in 1950, about Carol Eard, who has problems with her husband Harg. One day, in a toy store in love with a young shopkeeper named Terez Pleifit, the relationship develops more and more, Between Carol and her husband.

In the film “Carol”, director Todd Heinze showed us the aesthetic images that were a new spirit rich in artistic connotations, as well as a number of details that she mastered in her life in that era. Performance was one of the pillars that contributed to the success of the film. Blanchett, who always creates in her films the character of Carol in a way that makes you unable to evaluate in any way.

Inside Out

One of the best animated films I have ever seen in my life, a wonderful film and wonderful graphics, is undoubtedly one of the distinctive additions to the modern classic Pixar film library. It is more than a comedian animated film full of creative imagination and moving emotions, with a combination of boldness, intelligence and lightness. Great for the changes that occur in your heart and your mind between childhood and adolescence.

The author of the story, which is the story of Riley Anderson, who moves with her family to the city of Francisco. She is governed by five feelings and leads her life: joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear.

The film premiered on June 19, 2015 in American theaters, received highly positive reviews by critics around the world, was well-deserved to be rated 98% on the Rotten Tomatoes site, and won the Academy Award for Best Animation, Golden Globe and BAFTA for The same category, and in the Office of the World’s Office, huge revenues exceeded 777$¬†million.


A romantic drama film and one of the most powerful cinemas we have presented to us in 2015, taken from a novel of the same title by Irish novelist Kulm Toebbeen, produced jointly by companies from Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Speaks of a traditional and universal story, and introduces us to the conflicts and sorrows of any immigrant who decides to explore a country and a new place and to live in it. He tries to adapt to his surroundings. He is a cinematic master amidst the noise of the 2015 films. The viewer takes the reality beyond us. Sad and influential.

Starring Circha Ronan, Emory Cohen, Dominion Gleeson, Jim Broadbent, Julie Waltz and Emily Bette Riggards, directed by John Crowley, who worked with writer Nick Hornby to turn the novel into a movie that was not so beautiful.

The story is about Irish girl Elyash Lysy leaving her life and her family to immigrate to the United States in the 1950s after being attracted by the American Dream. She lives there in the Brooklyn neighborhoods where she lives in a home for Irish immigrants. Elish lives in love with an Italian boy named Tony, In conflict with itself to choose between two countries and the life in them.

The Martian

A science fiction film adapted from a novel by Andy Weir, starring Matt Damon, Jessica Shastain, Christine Weig, Shawn Benn, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, director Riddle Scott and Drew Goddard.

The film takes place during a human mission to Mars. Astronaut Mark Watney is considered to be dead, after being subjected to a terrible and powerful storm. Mark Watney was taken away from his crew, prompting the crew to abandon him and take off from the surface of Mars and return to earth, but he miraculously survives to find himself in a hostile and stranded environment Lonely, with little resources and meager supplies, and he must rely on his ingenuity, intelligence and courage to survive.

Film Martian succeeded certainly please everyone as a movie science sexy fantasy, full of visual and acoustic stimuli amazing that make you continue to be amazed little by little with the stages of the film interesting events of the passage, and despite some scientific errors problems that saw her in the movie, but it regales the viewer about or another and you will notice touch the director Ridley Scott, which gave a great flavor to the events of the film, which distinguishes character poetic and objective time itself, is another victory and a wonderful creator Ridley Scott after his film get great praise from critics, where the monetary consensus site Rotten Tomatoes text as intelligent and sexy and film Laughter, and he won 92% of the evaluation of the site itself.

The Hateful Eight

A new bloody film with more dialogues, action and exciting events of the crazy director Quentin Tarantino, who also wrote the text, which is the eighth film and the second film of the quality of Western films, where the viewer in this film is a different story from the films of the West American we used to watch in Hollywood World.

It is located at the end of the 19th century around a group being held inside a dilapidated building called the Melodice Khardawat because of a devastating snowstorm, while a group of passengers take refuge in the same building to shelter inside. They are the former leader Markus Warren and John Rath, From justice, where Daisy Dumurg was then transferred to court.

The film is a full-fledged western film with a strong plot and dialogues. From the beginning of the film, you will know that he is the most amazing of all. Tarantino, his dialogues are the strength of all his films, every word and phrase leads in one way or another to the success of Tarantino’s films, especially in this film. For the best soundtrack, and the beautiful acting and performance of the film crew make it certainly one of the best films of 2015.

Starring Samuel Jackson, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Lee, who led her to the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress thanks to her outstanding performance in the film, with Walton Jugens, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern.

Steve Jobs

Another film depicts the life of one of the most famous inventors in the world and one of the greatest scientific minds of our time, the most important figures of the twentieth century and the founder of the famous Apple, a genius and the world of programming, computers and technology Steve Jobs.

It is set in a dramatic and different frame from traditional CVs, divided into three different time frames with occasional back-to-back shots. Each frame highlights and highlights the launch of a product from three products made by Steve Jobs, consisting of three different main stations in the life of Jobs, With the introduction of the first Mac device in 1984, the second with the first device of his second company NeTX in 1988, and the third is the first device on the Mac with his return to Apple.

The talented director Danny Paul managed to make Steve Jobs a successful film in his own way, maintaining the flow of events that attracted the follower, filming his own cinematography where he painted each time period differently, and succeeded in presenting Steve Jobs’ autobiography and how he managed Makes a global leap in the field of computers and smart phones, and how this impact has affected him and his family.

Mad Max: Fury Road

The best films of the last year of the year, the fourth of the Action and Inspiration series inspired by Destiny’s Mad Max: Fury Road. A policeman who lost his wife and daughter after the end of the world in a catastrophic and tragic world war led the universe to the era of the era of BC in which the water became gold, and the world returned to its primitive desert barren desolate without end controlled by the forces of evil embodied in the tyrannical ruler of the world called “Joe immortal”, and some Arrogant, barbarians, bloodthirsty and scrap-cutters of cars and machinery.

In this part of the series, Australian director George Miller, unlike the other parts except the 1981 version “Mad Max: The Road Warrior”, features the same action, interesting events and exciting pursuits.

In this particular part, Miller succeeded in creating a film that distinguished action, story, visual and sound effects, directing, music and cinematography. Although some criticized the level of narrative and traditional traditional drama, the viewer did not care for these simple reasons. The film’s characters and complex issues were one of the strong elements that helped make the film the best in 2015.