Comfortable, intelligent and sexy, lingerie of tomorrow wants to triple performance. Throw of soutifs!

It’s not new. If our elders were trapped in corsets to display a wasp waist, for decades, we undergo the horrible bra. We were forced to deal with. Compressed breast, uncomfortable whales, unpleasant matter, it is often with relief that we get rid of our bra at the end of the day. Fortunately, signs are working on the future of lingerie, making it a point of honor to combine practicality and aesthetics.

A lingerie for all women

Choosing her bra size is a real wound and, it must be recognized, the models are rarely perfectly adapted to our chest. Made oh how strange, a woman’s body does not resemble the standards of advertisements, so finding supportive in our midst is no small matter! That’s why we love the lingerie Löv, an Austrian brand founded by Maike Luedenbach. His credo? “Your body, your voice”. Adapted to all morphologies, it is as comfortable as trendy and sexy. So we have to do with underwear in organic cotton, pimped with nice gilded eyelets (without nickel!) For the feminine touch. Brassieres, triangle bra, panties and waist high panties from 36 euros, here is finally a lingerie that wants us good!

An intelligent bra

We will spare you the verse on the particularly stressful daily life of women, but it is clear that it is not easy. If you are unable to do a daily meditation session, the Vitali Sports Bra will help us manage stress by measuring our posture, breathing and variability of our heart rate. “When Vitali notices that your heart rate variability is low, it sends you a slight vibration inviting you to take a deep breath and then guides you through breathing exercises synchronized with your heart rate,” the sign says. That said, this interactive lingerie has a cost and it takes 129 dollars to be able to enjoy.

A cleavage neckline

We love the bustier dresses and the slip dress but the idea of we pass of bra brakes often our desires. Impossible to have escaped the videos that surely had to abound your thread of news Instagram, new brassieres push-up have the wind in stern. We owe them to the Sneaky Vaunt brand. Their little extra? Relaxed with straps and staples in the back, they are in the form of a fabric to stick to the breast, while perfectly fitting, with a lacing to tighten for a pushing effect. Only flat, the small wonder costs 46 euros, washing only by hand and is only forty times … In the end, it still makes a hell of a budget!


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