Failing to be a healthy bitch, we put the green to the end of our nails with 5 vegetal manicures … and not trivial

Flowers on the nails, it is very cute but leaving to put our nails to green for the spring, so much to find ideas a little more atypical. Adios the liberty, the paisley prints or the large flowers tapestry seen and reviewed: to display nails that are out of the ordinary, there are other ideas and nail arts green to reproduce. From the completely WTF succulent trend to the tropical manicure to the provocative nail art cannabis, here are 5 different ways to adopt the plant trend on its nails. The unicorn nails have only to hold well!

The nail art cactus

Because a cactus, it still has more spice than a pretty flower and besides, it is hyper fashionable decoration, we draw a line on the petals and we put on needles. A barbaric fig (for experts), a desert cactus or a mix of greasy plants … there is no rule, except to compose on a nude or white nail to bring out the thorny. This should convince us to buy our very first green nail polish!

Tropical Nail Art

Unforgettable but yet too often abandoned in the profile of romantic floral prints, the tropical patterns are both stylish and not cul-ass. On a nail or ten, in all-over or by keys, the foliage allows to have fun without ever repeating itself, since there are 1001 ways to draw the jungle. In addition, the colors are not limited to the green since it is possible to incorporate yellow as well as pink or even blue; That makes it zizir.

The nail art watercolor

OK, these are flowers, but they are far from being boring! While the watercolor trend floods the middle of the tattoo, it also invites our nails in a subtle and colorful way. When you really feel creative, it is one of the best nail arts green to achieve because there are many ways to proceed, from the most basic to the most elaborate, which will make you think “why do simple when you can How complicated? “. And because we are unexpected chicks, we can also realize the motifs in watercolor, than create a backdrop style watercolor.

The succulent nails

There are some who eat their manicures, why can not we water our nails? Emerged in 2016, the succulent manicure has never really pierced, but we must still welcome this trend WTF when talking about green nails. It must be admitted that the result is spectacular, even if it is outright ephemeral. But after all, why not try it on a finger just for delirium?

Cannabis manicure

On the other side of the Atlantic is the manicure that blows up the counters of Instagram. Treated by nailistas with marijuana passion, the manicure cannabis encapsulates both the green leaves of the plant and its crumbled flowers, history to vary the camaieu of green. And if you still risk looking at us at the nail bar if you ask for a little manicure at the weed, there is always the option to do it yourself (just do not ask for a proxy at the comico the next day) Or opt for the nail art solution. There, even with a big spliff drawn on the nails, a priori you are safe.