Cinema, Film .. these things that some people might think that we are wasting our time in, but from my point of view I am viewpoint other, is a tool and an effective change of civilization, to change human thoughts and beliefs for the better, I know that it may work in the opposite direction, it is in the last a tool used for good or for evil, according to what he wants to film and filmmakers.

When stray white hands and minds benevolent for that tool, the other hands you receive, and move them to achieve their ends, and in both cases the film industry survive and prosper day after day, spread more and more, not only through the cinemas, but today has become spread across the Internet and personal computers and mobile phones , you’re a loser if you decide to turn a blind eye and ignore and turn your back on them rather than take advantage of them and use them in good and beneficial.

Some movies, but not all

Not all movies are good, not all are worth seeing, some miss them actually your time while watching it, and some may have negative effects, especially the films of violence and terror, those that make the crime and murder is simple, the hero in his adventure goes and kills two on the road and three in the alley and 10 at the bar, disregard for human life tremendously, and negative messages seriously working on programming the mind in the direction of underestimating the life of this man, of course, I mean, I’m not sure those types of movies.

But I mean the quality of the other films, dramas often, which tells us the human story from different aspects, opens us to new perceptions and doors of secrecy leads us to the corridors of this strange creature Venerable, live with it a unique experience may not allow us to age that we live for ourselves, we came to the knowledge results Mind and convictions were not to get ourselves to the difficulty of the road or the lack of opportunity, moving us in the distant past to enrich us all read dozens of historical books, help us to understand the other, to communicate with the other, the other is love.

We have become today we live in a small village thanks to the Internet and modern technology, we share our ideas with others and contribute to the content industry has a value, you can today access to the best movies and find out what is worth seeing already, by collective assessments of movies scripts and reviews left by others, I do not have to try your luck any movie intend to watch.

To influence the thoughts and feelings

There are two types of influence leave some movies in us, I respect the ideas and the second with emotion, influence the ideas is very important in industry, public awareness, you may do one film what not to do 100 a speech or a sermon, the film may convey subtle messages make the mind think about it from different angles and begin to reconsider their positions and review the beliefs that may be wrong or need to be repaired, may raise the film volcano wonder followed by deep thought and discussed seriously until we get to the facts were absent from us, it may have been, it prolonged his explanation, it is certain that some of those movies really changed our thoughts for the better.

The other effect is to influence the emotions, the mental state, that state that you should be in a good position will allow you to move forward in this life avidly and passion, the emotions that must be positive if we are to succeed and the farmer, some good films leave you positive energy continues for several days and support you in the process of the good life.

To go on this trip

I’ve been in the past a lot of people are like, is far from the movies, I think it’s a waste of time, and that has a lot of negatives, Yes it is true, the cons, however, is devoid of life of them, you can find anything or any activity in this life not any 100% negative or could be used in that by some, everything in it and in it, this is life.

I have discovered that in some films worlds other than the world we live in, it was discovered that some movies may help me to discover myself again and discover the others, it was discovered that I live a simple life and I am far from reading and watching movies, but today I’m not just a spectator but writer Shortcake express all those other worlds in the cavernous depths of some of those movies ..