I did not intend to watch the film. My eyes were closed dozens of times on the poster and on his propaganda, but I was prevented from seeing it until the sheer coincidence that brought me to work by watching it. It seems that I was wrong when I stopped working.
Boyka is a work worthy of seeing. It is the work in which the human side meets, mastering the making of motion films, the desire for forgiveness and atonement for sins committed by man all the time. The film was a clear invitation to reconciliation with oneself, despite the different composition of the basic personality The events were well-honed by artist Scott Adkins and with great persuasion.

Although the work was not very successful when it was shown in cinemas, Media Media recently showed that the work was a great success, and this was evident from the public’s interaction with the work.

Personal Drawing

This is the first time that I put the figure of the character at the beginning of an article but the character of “Boyka” deserves to stop for sure. The personality of its composition is different. It is the one who turned away from the road and decided to return to the right path. But when he was on the verge of success, his life turned upside down. Which passes by all, but the human aspect of the destructive human machine, made the character at work slightly different from the work of Boyka.

The characterization made it a purely life message about the fall and the success, and the tests that life puts in our way and our ability to overcome these events, the work was not many of the motivating factors of events, but Boyka is the focus of events, which certainly deserves to talk about.


The scenario of the work was not different at all, but it was similar to many of the work that revolves around the prisoner, repentance, and illegitimate wandering in prison, the scenario certainly did not provide a new only based on movement and fighting as a magnet, and kept the scenario to highlight the hero, There are speeds at which the dramatic event is built, which is done by the action, as well as by the stimulus, which continues all the time motivating the hero to win over the opposing hero.

The scriptwriter was able to triumph over his abstract thought and to triumph over Boyka’s repentance and put it in a dramatic and dramatic format, which made the work, despite the repetition of his story, interesting but never tiresome. It was a quick action, far from monotonous, But the story was not one of the heroes, but the events were built and according to one drama line serves the presence of “Boyka” and victory for him, and the lack of action and lack of dramatic strings, and the lack of dramatic events and building work on one person was the hero Don No convincing dramatic justifications.


Of course the fighting that attracted the eyes of the viewers see only two reasons, the first is to train Scout Edkins on the scenes that appeared in the work, and physical fitness that appeared in the work, and contributed greatly to support the photography in the scenes, and the second reason is the ability of photography to work to highlight the killings Brilliantly, work is among the best works that I have seen the killings, it is an action film is classified as definitely better, so as to show the details of the fighting, and the ability to highlight.


The work did not show the director’s ability to show the dramatic scenes, or the use of psychological expressions and psychological factors, but he relied heavily on the diversity of taking a variety of shots in the scenes of action to distract the viewer to feel the monotony or boredom and helped by the presence of a director of high-quality photography contributed The output works well.


Of course, not all the scenes that the audience saw at work and dazzled were taken through a single shot, but some of them were taken from several clips, and underwent editing, so the montage in this work is the unknown soldier in the film, which contributed significantly to his exit well, and dazzling at the same time.

the story of the movie

The work is going on about a fighter called “Boyka” fighting in illegal battles, but there is an event that prevents him from achieving his dream, and the events take place in the framework of action and movement.