The rumor swelled on the Web. Absent for several months of the people sphere, Beyoncé hid her pregnancy well. The star has formalized the news and these are twins!
But what is happening to Queen B at the moment? Yes, as you know, the international star has been silent for some time. The first photo of Beyoncé’s new IVY Park collection was unveiled. We find the interpreter of “Love On Top” ultra sexy and … a little photo do not you find? It is necessary to know that this shot has leaked a few weeks before and the wife of Jay Z had not at all the same silhouette and would let appear a beginning of baby bump. But then, was Beyoncé really pregnant? Well yes since the star is expecting twins!


We do not know where to head. However, Bey is indeed pregnant with her second child? No, no, twins. It is on his Insta account that the Carter family, in a dazzling cliché, announces the happy events: “We wish to share our love and joy, we have been blessed twice in a row. ‘Enlarge and double and we thank you for your wishes – Les Carter “. Why was it suspected? First of all, because the star and her husband were really very quiet at the moment. In addition to that, they know that gossips are spreading easily on the Web and have tried to counter this news by posting the (retouched?) Photo of Beyoncé for IVY Park. Then, if Queen B always appears with loose clothing during her rare appearances. Finally another fact surprised his fans. Remember, the Beyoncé Tour Tournament has only 49 dates, which is very rare for a world tour. Had the lovers already planned to put on a baby? Beyoncé hid the truth from us.