Summer is approaching and when the sun rises, we tend to pull out skirts and crop tops. But it is still necessary to assume his body. Fortunately, there are still girls who have shapes, who are proud of them and who decomplex us a minimum.

The beauty cannons change constantly (to the point that sometimes it is difficult to follow). There was a time when being a twig as Kate Moss was mandatory to be noticed and with the influence of fashion and magazines, some think that it is still and always the case. Breaking News! No, making a 34 is not a criterion for being pretty. Luckily, stars like Beyoncé, Adele or Ashley Graham are there to decomplex all the girls who would hide in XL size sweaters.


Even pregnant with twins, Beyoncé is beautiful. Although the star can not ensure her planned concerts at Coachella, her pregnancy did not prevent her from posting for a photoshoot with her daughter. And again, we are not talking only about her pregnancy! Beyoncé to forms, she assumes them and better, she shows them. And you know what ? It’s beautiful to watch.

Demi Lovato

After going through many disorders (including eating disorders), Demi Lovato is now much better off in his skin. The singer does not make a size 0, certainly, but it assumes what it has become. In fact, most of all, she is in good health. It may sound silly but it’s a trick that gets lost a lot these days.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is one of those girls who redefine femininity, simply because she is living proof that one can be a mannequin AND have shapes. It is not the first to become one, it is not the last one but still in 2017, some believe that leanness is an essential criterion. Ashley, she, does not care a lot and continues to show in swimsuit. And it is thanks to girls like her that we will drop the shorts this summer.

Kim Kardashian

The silhouette of Kim Kardashian is recognizable among thousands and it is precisely to her forms that she owes it. We’re not going to lie: Kim Kardashian in toothpick mode, it would not have the same impact. Kim is luscious, of course, but it does not prevent her from wearing the most curved dresses that can be found in the catalog of Balmain.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose has (but also) forms but it is not a reason to deprive itself. While some girls too complexed to put on a skirt hide under sweats, she dares anything she likes – from leggings to tight-fitting dresses and swimsuits. Even though – obviously – one has to take into account its morphology, having shapes should not be a brake. No but.

Amy Schumer


Adele shouts loudly, she prefers to go to lunch with her friends rather than go into a gym. And even if we were rather the type to advocate a small session of time (to keep fit, cardio is important!) It is not necessary that your treadmill becomes an obsession to the point of giving up your social life. Well gives, Adele. And the little bonus is that it is not her size that prevented her from taking all the possible prizes this year.