In addition to being an outstanding singer, a stage performer, a perfect mom and a loyal wife, Beyoncé is also a seasoned fashion moderator. How many times has Queen B made us dream with her bodies set with crystals, her matchings looks with her daughter Blue Ivy or her sumptuous red carpet dresses? It is not only by sharing his pictures of pregnancy rural that Beyoncé cheers his fans and reaped praise! True fashion icon, she has reigned over the fashion sphere for at least as much time as on the music scene, and on the occasion of the announcement of her Happy event, we return to those 10 times where Beyoncé has Killed the red carpet and sat down its queen status.

1. In 2005 at the 77th Academy Awards

In her velvet mermaid dress, Beyoncé makes soft eyes to the music industry, where she landed as a solo artist after the dissolution of Destiny’s Childs.

2. In 2007 at the Golden Globes ceremony

In addition to winning the Queen of the Red Carpet in her gold dress, Beyoncé shows that she is the new star of music, with her consecration to the Grammy Awards that year.

3. In 2009 at the Golden Globe Awards

Strapless dress set with pearls, dizzy slit, imposing diamond necklace … the Woman of the Year consecrated by Billboard magazine puts the package on the red carpet!

4. In 2011 at the MET gala

Just months before the announcement of her first pregnancy, Beyoncé created the event in a ravishing robe embroidered with sequins, in tribute to Alexander McQueen.

5. In 2013 to the screening of his documentary film

Beyoncé shines on the screen, Beyoncé shines on the red carpet in his semi-transparent design, and Beyoncé shines a few months later on the legendary Super Bowl scene.

6. In 2014 at the 56th Grammy Awards

New hairstyle, new style on the red carpet for Beyoncé, which plays the audacity of a floral mermaid dress in transparency; The new signature of Queen B?

7. In 2014 at the Met Ball

It is confirmed: Bey has a penchant for the see through pieces, and as she prepares to illuminate scenes from around the world on tour with Jay Z, she illuminates the red carpet with her creation of sparkling pearls.

8. In 2015 at the MET gala

It’s not just Beyoncé’s naked dress that will make her talk that night, but regardless of the escapades of Jay Z and Solange Knowles, the Queen keeps her face.

9. In 2016 at the Met Gala

Beyoncé porterait-elle la peau de Becky, décorée des dents qu’elle lui aurait cassées ? Les blagues vont bon train sur la robe de la chanteuse, au lendemain de la sortie de sa bombe Lemonade.

10. En 2016 aux MTV Video Music Awards

En plus de rafler 8 trophées à la cérémonie musicale, Beyoncé remporte le prix de la robe de tapis rouge la plus incroyable ce soir-là ; une création aussi légère, lumineuse et singulière que la chanteuse.