We will complete our journey in the world of international festivals, and we will move on now to get to know the best specialist in the hosting continuously all the names that I mentioned and dozens specifically rock music festivals and others who flashed their name in the sky of rock music, whatever the genre you prefer within the varieties of this wonderful genre, you’ll find festival you are looking for in this list, accompanied by the places, dates, as well as ticket prices (in euros) and official sites are also to be sold.


📍 Pilton, United Kingdom

The date of the start of this famous festival to the 1970 return is one of the largest music and expressive arts festivals in the world, offers 700 display, numbering more than dispersed across 80 platform within a period not exceeding five days (starting from the last weekend in June), maybe we could easily accommodate this the sheer number of platforms offers and if we know that the huge space that is held by the festival nearly four square kilometers!

Attracts festival Glastonbury nearly percent eighty thousand spectators on an annual basis than seventy different countries, and is the only festival in this regulation, which could be considered a festival of family or that lies accompany children to him thanks to the diversity of presentations, which, it is rock music (hip-hop sometimes) to the theater and dance and circus performances, each person can choose what suits his taste and temperament to attend.


📍 Clisson, France

Do you like a strong rock, I mean the one that contains lots and lots of shouting to some extent almost deaf ears? If the answer is yes this is the perfect festival for you.

Metal and hard rock, heavy metal, all kinds find their stars and teams most famous is like a kiss, Cannibal Corpse, Iron Maiden and many others in this festival, which has become attracts more than 150,000 spectators after their number does not does not exceed twenty-five thousand in the first two sessions of the festival was launched in 2006.

Download Festival

📍 Donington Park, United Kingdom

We move on to the festival similar to the previous festival, but it is not restricted exclusively varieties strong rock, but only provides a difference types contest “lighter” alternative rock also, for example, is held for three days during the second week of June every year since its inception in 2003.

Rock am Ring

📍 Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany

One of the most important music festivals in Germany, and if we take into account as a specialized rock exclusively, it is one of the best festivals of rock music in the world this festival, which began the first time in 1985 for three days during the first week of June each year, which receives more than two hundred and eighty thousand spectators and over 90 of the band’s best and most popular rock bands in the world.

Fuji Rock Festival

📍 Naeba Ski Resort, Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

This is the most important festival, the largest of its kind in Japan, due its success to the list of big names in rock provided each year to the public world, the latter which surpasses numbering its members percent and forty thousand people, coming from around the world to celebrate and watch their favorite stars on Mount Yuzawa where he is held the festival.

It kicked off the festival the first time in 1997 and was held at the foot of Mount Fuji that bears his name to this day, but the storm struck the site and has destroyed without causing casualties, and since then has been to change the site of the festival to the current location, where is held annually for three days during the last weekend of July.


📍 Donauinsel, Austria

We move from the most expensive festival in regulation to the only free festival in this our list, which is the largest festival in Europe, where you can take advantage of this golden opportunity and join the more than three million people mean the festival every year thanks to the free of charge, the fun it provides, and more importantly, the absorptive capacity which is to Square extended to four kilometers to suffice for such a huge crowd.

Rock in Rio

📍 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We turn to two million last festival, which attracts more than a million and half a million spectators every year, but the free did not play any role in attracting them this time, because the festival is not free at all, but it costs about 150 euros per day (can purchase the ticket directly from the website of the Festival) , so the fun and splendor of the festival are the key factors here, in addition to the big names in the rock world, which has always hosted the festival, such as Metallica and Bon Jovi.

Rock Werchter

📍 Werchter, Belgium 

If the future has happened has been present in Belgium through the beginning of July, it is better not miss this wonderful festival, which is considered one of the most important festivals and of course the best rock band in the world by winning five times Arthur Award for best music festival in the world. Which saw performances by the biggest names in the rock world since its inception in 1974, where they submitted their presentations in front of a crowd that legions exceed one hundred fifty thousand spectators annually.