Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. To be ready on D-Day, one is inspired by the make-up of Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, Sophie Turner and 7 other stars who are at the makeup department
More than three days before Valentine’s Day. If you still do not know what to do, what to put or what to offer, do not panic, we are there for you. The greedy have already spotted the most beautiful creations of pastry cooks for Valentine’s Day. In terms of make-up, we optimize our chances by taking inspiration from the best. Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, Sophie Turner and Margot Robbie are true muses in the beauty department. Whether it’s classic beauty but effective, or more daring but equally seductive beauty looks, they give us the embarrassment of choice. See for yourself with these 10 make-ups of stars to reproduce for Valentine’s Day.

1. Taylor Hill

If you want to shine on Valentine’s Day, Taylor Hill offers you the solution on a silver platter. The mannequin makes a sensation with its glittery red lipstick signed Pat McGrath. To avoid the effect too much, she put on deer eyes worked on mascara.



2. Lily Collins

Liège Collins knows perfectly how to inspire us for Valentine’s Day. The British actress combines cat-eye black and lipstick fuchsia, before pinking her cheeks using blush. All this is underlined by a quasi-geometric eyebrow control.

3. Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner made a sensation at the Golden Globes, not only thanks to her Louis Vuitton dress, but also with her successful setting in beauty. Like the actress of Game of Thrones, we bet on a smoky eye between pink and purple, accompanied by eyelashes lying in mascara. We complete the whole with pink lips, not to make too much.

4. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid gives us good ideas in a spot for Dior MakeUp. The mannequin combines perfectly luminous complexion and gilded eyelids highlighted with a line of eyeliner. For the lips, one has the choice between a pink shade slightly accentuated or a red a little dark for more effect.

5. Aja-Naomi King

As the actress of How To Get Away With Murder, we make our beauty look for Valentine’s Day. Aja-Naomi King strikes hard with bright copper eyelids, extra-long lashes and orange-tinted lips. Bold and successful!

6. Sasha Lane

If you play the cute card, you have to imitate Sasha Lane at the Louis Vuitton parade. The American Honey actress makes a no-fault with his cat-eye graphic and fuchsia lips. All with a faultless complexion.

7. Margot Robbie

For the premiere of Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie played vamp glamor with dark red lips and a golden look, accented with black mascara. A makeup that is reproduced for a seductive Valentine’s Day.

8. Priyanka Chopra

Those who prefer a more natural looking appearance will turn to Priyanka Chopra for inspiration. On the cover of W Magazine, the actress of Quantico bets on an accent accentuated to the tones bronze clear, accompanied by a lipstick pink. One does not forget to work his eyebrows, for more effect.

9. Ruth Negga

We fall for the femme fatale look beauty adopted by Ruth Negga in the pages of W Magazine. We ring our eyes with black and add a touch of gold or bronze for the shine. We change the classic lipstick red for an orange tint, which fits very well with a dull skin.

10. Danika Yarosh

The actress of Shameless and Heroes Reborn makes it simple and effective with raspberry-colored lips and a good mastery of makeup. We adhere!