The bandana has (temporarily) replaced the traditional silk scarf and it is still preparing to sink beautiful days in 2017. You are told how the seasoned fashioners wear it.

Gamines, we wanted to wear it on our hair – until it became an emergency accessory when a girl had lice – and he even followed us until the teenage years to play the rock festival and a Retro strand. But since then, the bandana has not had any real news: we prefer to forget the year when people carried this mythical print on their clothes, it was rather embarrassing. It was without counting on the fashioners and their ability to appropriate the most questionable fashion pieces (banana type, ballerinas with heel or white jeans) to resurrect the famous triangle in the cashmere pattern. Already present in the sphere fashion for several seasons, the bandana will remain a must of 2017, continuing its interim until the traditional silk scarf resumes of service. If you want to make a statement and pimp your most basic looks, here are 4 current ways to wear it.

1. Around the neck

Certainly, it can always be worn with the tip down to make one with your Lucky Luke inside, but the most modern way to wear the bandana around the neck is to tie it tightly, knot in front. And always with a good basics of the women’s wardrobe.

2. Knotted at the wrist

Forget the jewels to accessorize the wrists: the fashion addicts take inspiration from the rock music scene by tying a bandana. Black, blue, red … no matter the color: the main thing is to wear it alone, preferably with a short-sleeved top for better viewing.

3. On bag

More cautious, the option of bandana attached to a bag is no less stylish. Savvy hooked or quickly knotted, it pimpe any bag, from the simplest tote bag to the most refined luxury bag.

4. Scarf version for the most reluctant

If the bandana still defeats you, we will give you the square of silk. One condition: wear it on the wrist, neck or on a bag as its acolyte!