Awaited films for Winter 2017

Awaits lovers of cinema and movies winter season Majara movies which varied between drama and Action, comedy, horror and even handle animation, let us take a look at the most anticipated movies in the current winter season.

1. Logan

Third and final part of the Wolverine series, a profile taken from the film series X-men, and it is trying to Logan / Wolverine to get away from the world and hide in one of the cities of Mexico, but the forces of evil do not leave it in the event of his release. The film, starring Hugh Jackman and Daphne Kane, and the decision was introduced on the third of March.

2. The last word

The film combines comedy and drama, also starring combine three generations of the fairer sex, and they Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried and the girl child Anjuil Lee Dixon. The film is directed by Marc Belington and the decision was introduced on the third of March.

3. John Wick: Chapter 2

The second part of the film Action and excitement John Wick who introduced the first part of 2014, in which John Wick back to the underworld to discover something you do not expect at all. The film starring Keanu Reeves, and will be released on the tenth of February in the United States.

4. Fifty shades darker

Awaits lovers of this literary series gray, the issuance of other middle part of the controversial film, which displays after two years since the introduction of the first part. The film, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, is expected to be displayed in theaters on Valentine’s Day the fourteenth of February holiday.

5. Beauty and the beast

The famous Disney movie, waiting for a Republican Disney and Emma Watson in the re-incarnation of this famous story, but this time the real people and the production of Disney itself. Over the previous months excelled Disney publicity for this film by comparing the film old cartoons and the new film, as it was announced that the Canadian singer Celine Dion will record a new song specifically for the film away from the song made famous because of the movie cartoons, and awaited presentation on the seventeenth of next March.

6. Fist fight

Comedy awaited by the public this type of film, starring Ice Cube and Charlie Day, who in turn became famous in a series of films horrible bosses, and the film is directed by Ken Ritchie. The film re-submit Three O’Clock High who introduced in 1987, and awaited presentation on the seventeenth of February.

7. Life

Thriller and suspense is going on in the context of science fiction, when a group of astronauts discover evidence of life on Mars. The film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds and directed by Daniel Espinosa, and awaited displayed in the twenty-fourth of March.

8. The Shack

Philosophical, spiritual story, about a man who begins his journey of faith after going through a painful experience. This is what it’s about this drama is expected in March 2017, starring Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name has achieved great success when published in 2007, and awaited presentation on the seventh of March 2017.

9. Kong: Skull Island

10. Lego Batman

It’s a film that is long overdue since the announcement by the world in the past and the issuance Bs biting the teaser videos. Animated film based on the excitement and adventure, but it is not without its distinctive comedic flavor. Vote personalities led Will Arnett and zach galifianakis, and will be introduced in the United States Tenth of February 2017.

11. The Boss Baby

Animated film Last but an adaptation of a book published in 2010, the film going on in the Comedy / Family, about a family framework adopts a baby wearing a vest work, but what it really strongly differ from its appearance baby. Leads the voice of the baby His distinctive voice of Alec Baldwin, and awaited presentation on the thirty of next March.

12. The space between us

Fantasy adventure film taking place in the framework of the drama and romance, about the first man born on the surface of Mars, and his adventure in access to land and fascination with all ground axioms. The film, starring Britt Robertson and Asa Butterfield. The film began on the third of February.

13. Split

Fans of horror movies and excitement on a date with a new film directed by Shyamalan, after it disappointed them down the last several films, expect to return to the previous status with this film. Shyamalan movies habit he does not offer a bloody horror films, but they are focused on the psychological terror first.

14. Get out

Last horror movie for fans of this kind of film, and this time the film is about a boy of African descent to visit the family of his girlfriend white, to feel uncomfortable in the entire city because of the color of his skin, and, following the horrific events. The film, starring Daniel kaluuya and Alison Williams and directed by Jordan Bailey, and awaited displayed in the twenty-fourth of February.

15. Ghost in the shell

New film to star Scarlett Johansson, a film movement science and imagination for a policewoman trying to arrest a gang of hackers computers. The film adaptation of one of the most important Japanese manga stories published for the first time in 1989, and currently expected in the first thirty of next March.

16. Rings

Return again to horror movies with the new part of the series The ring, which is the third part, which will be presented after viewing the first part of 15 years. This time you will not Naomi Watts starred in the film, it is a starring Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz  and Alex Rowe, the film began to show the United States of February.