It’s called the French Tuck and we bet you’ve never seen that in your life (LOL)

All fans of the American TV show Queer Eye know that Tan France is an undisputed master of the style. And that he has a slight – very slight – obsession for what he calls the French Tuck. It’s very simple, it shows you this trend (which is not really French) all the way and all the sauces. Moreover, by dint of seeing it speak, fans of Queer Eyes have even ended up creating a hashtag “french tuck” on social networks


If you still do not understand what this trend is about, do not worry we’re here to explain the BA-ba. The french tuck, it’s simply when you return slightly a part of your shirt or your T-shirt in your pants, your jeans or your skirt. Bluffing no? It was well worth it to invent an expression for something you’ve been doing for ages.


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So, convinced by the french tuck? Put on your best outfit, draw your winneuse smile and go for a beautiful photo, direction insta!