Despite different opinions both positive and negative, we can say that the film “Covenant” was better than “Prometheus”, it was able to work a better mix around the great ideas of creation, conservation of species and human value as one of those species with a large amount of brutal violence in all emphasis.

There are many things that have made the film so interesting, like the shocking end, and the scenes of blood that I find so wonderful and breathtaking. These scenes were very disgusting so you have to know that the film is not suitable for children under the age of 16. Choosing the crew was ideal, On their faces; because of their loss of love, as each of the two crew members are linked with each other.

Also, one of the most important features of the film is the balance between the thrill and excitement of the original trio of the Alien series (but certainly not surpassed), and the ideas contained in the previous part “Prometheus”, but nevertheless did not provide the film all the answers we need but at the same time introduced Some of the answers I’ll let you know when watching the film are: Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, robot David after their departure to the planet of engineers, what happened to the engineers there, and what is the truth about robot David, and whether it was manufactured for service or not?

“No one will love you like I do …”

“You’re just a disappointment to me.”



The story is about the journey of a colonial ship carrying a large group of humans and embryos with one robot to a living planet. This is a bit strange, a giant ship and many humans with one robot responsible for watching them in their sleep.

However, the path of the flight is changed to another planet after receiving a human signal from that planet. Initially Daniels rejects this idea because it is very dangerous and they do not know what they will find there, but eventually the ship lands on the surface of that planet in an attempt to explore The source of that reference, where they face a range of difficulties and they have to pass.

” – I do not think they can hear you because of the storm, the storm is strong and affects the entire planet.
– How long will the storm last?
– Days, weeks, months … but it will end, good luck. ”
The film starring Michael Vassbander in the role of robot David / Walter, whom I personally consider the best actor in the film with his excellent and polished acting, Michael played two roles and perhaps the reason to compensate for the lack of any other decent characters, actress Kathryn Waterstone, Billy Crowd and Danny McBride.

The film was fantastic in my opinion, the design and directing was good, the dialogues and cinematography were amazing and many factors added a lot to the film. I do not care about the negative views. On the contrary, it was fun and I consider it a successful film, but it does not mean flawless, but it was an imperfect flaw. If you want to watch it, you should see the previous part “Prometheus” above all else to accommodate more events, but you can skip the previous trio.

The film will take you 10 years after “Prometheus”, in the first half you will feel like you’re watching the first part of the Alien trilogy, and the second half is more exciting than Alien 1986.