Student life is, according to many adults, “the best period of life” …

MOUAAAIS bof bof huh!

There are galleys (many galleys), but let’s face it, there are also moments of inexpressible happiness, here are a few.

1. When you validate your material with 10.00


2. When you find a place in the university library

Especially during the exam period when the BU is crowded….

3. When you return to your parents at the weekend

Friday ? The best day of the week!

4. When you are notified of a public holiday or holiday you were not aware of

5. When someone lends you PERFECT review sheets

6. When you can cook anything other than pasta

Yes because in normal times, it often gives that:

7. When you receive a transfer from your parents

You go from that …

To that…

8. When the last minute during the examination, you remember the correct answer

9. When the partiels are finally finished and you are officially VACATION!