Living in a period of our young people to experiment with different things that may not be possible for us the opportunity to livelihood later, experience new things outside of our comfort, leading to the inclusion of new experiences that might help us in the coming years .. So, before you reach thirty years old, here are some things and activities that you must be try it once at least.

1. soldiered on sport

Perhaps one of the common denominators among people after thirty years old, is overweight and the body is balanced, so took the opportunity to accustom your body to exercise that may not consume a lot of time out of your day After years from now.

2. Read some books

It is difficult to convince the current generation for reading and reading books, but it is important to read some important books in the areas that interest you.

3. Enjoy some video games

Some video games have become a humanitarian carry messages and stories, not to mention the pleasure provided by you, so take the opportunity to spend some time from time to time with a couple of video games, especially that supports the possibility of bilateral play.

4. Traveled a lot

After you reach thirty years old, you may not be the opportunity to travel to and travel around the world quite possible only if you sell your company millions of dollars .. so it took advantage of the summer break and others to spend some time with family members and close friends and explore the cultures and new people.

5. Enjoy music festivals

Music festivals place to meet musical cultures .. and the place to see your band and your Favorites singers, so try as much as possible enjoy it and unleash yourself.

6. Eat Healthy foods

In order to preserve your health you should eat healthy foods, after the passage of years, you will notice the appearance of damage to your health because of the foods that you are dealing with the type of

7. Get Your Dream Job

It does not take a lot of time to study for a memorable realize your dream, so during the study, Seek behind that function, whether in a large company, create a business, or even a voluntary act changed the world through him.

8. love someone

We live in our youth relationships with several eminent persons, so do not let hatred waste your precious time .. love someone, and live with him all the tests above.

9. Just Enjoy

Enjoy as much you can, do not waste time in grief All things pass with time and memories remain.