We girls always have to be at the top of the top, at any time of the day, in the morning, in the evening, there, right now and now! And for that, we have this little object that we carry around with us throughout the day, and which is full of mysteries: Ladies, Wevance presents you for the blow the 9 essential of the handbag!

1. Keys

Car, house, room!

2. Make-up kit

Blush, lipstick, mascara …

3. perfume

That women who do not put perfume has no future.

4. Smartphone

Because, at one time it is necessary to try to stay touchable.

5. sunglasses

In order to preserve the eyes from the sun’s rays.

6. sanitary napkin

You can forget about the whole bag, but do not forget to put in your bag of sanitary napkins.

7. chewing gum

After refreshing the same food and removes mouth odor.

8. Hair Ties

You are tested days that moment where your hair is an obstacle in the road? That moment, which can save you a bundle of hair from committing a crime against yourself? Hair bundle, small size, but a large effect.

9. notebook

That idea circulating in your head: “No need to jot down these notes / tasks, I can remember,” … I do not know how to tell you about it, but the biggest lie, my friend, because you upon completion of the subject, you will forget everything.