The joys of a long weekend at the sea! With family or friends, it’s always a bubble of fresh iodine that is good for morale. Since we are very small, we have all our rituals on the yellow sand. The proof with 9 things we did at sea when we were small.

1. Eat Australian ice cream

This is the mandatory stop after a long day in the sand: the Australian! This glacier made us discover the speculoos taste and the enormous biscuits to taste on our ice cream. We lined up for long minutes, we ordered 3 balls but we could not finish. The good old times!  2. Eat waffles in old-fashioned cafes

Or Mikado pancakes with lots of melted chocolate. It smelled of old paint and ground coffee. The waiters had a Flemish accent that gave them a mysterious air. But it felt good, family.

3. Play at Luna Park for hours

Dad and Mom were formal: “you got to 5 euros each”. At the time, this amount was equivalent to a fortune. We were too proud with our big pots of coins. Besides, very often, when the pot was empty, we sometimes got down on all fours to look for it under the machine.

4. Make crepe paper flowers

The great ritual of the beach! After the collection of shells, they could be exchanged for crepe paper flowers. Made with our little hands in minutes, they were invaluable to us.

5. Rollerblading on the dike

Or at least try. When we were not yet ace of the skate, we looked at others with eyes of fried whiting, hoping to succeed one day to hit the dyke at full speed. When that day arrived, we did not know how to stop.

6. Remove the sand on his feet

Aaah after the walk and its inconvenience. One after the other, we rubbed our little feet to remove the sand stuck on our toes. A titanic work that required time and precision.

7. Start building the largest sand castle in the world 

The ultimate goal of a trip to the sea when you are 10 years old? Show that we are the kings of the beach by building a fort bigger than us, with a path that connects it to the water. In fact, our castle was the most beautiful of all, even if, from a distance, it looked like a pile of sand …

8. Collect seashells and pebbles

To do what? In view of a superb collection, of course! Except that once in the car, it smelled like rotten fish and wet dog. And the pebbles were losing their pretty color, becoming quite ordinary again.

9. Eat good mussels

The sun is setting, the stomachs are deepening. On the menu? Mussels, fries, mayo! And as dessert, a huge chocolate mousse.